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These press releases are provided to keep you updated on what's happening at Corexcel and in today's workforce. Hopefully you will find the content to be a valuable resource for working professionals. Our web site is updated frequently, so be sure to check back for useful information on topics such as communication, customer service, and leadership and training.

Online Course Featuring Everything DiSC Essentials

Everything DiSC Essentials, an online course featuring the Everything DiSC profile suite is now ready for participant registration. Learn about DiSC theory and how to use the profiles to get the best benefit for your organization.

Corexcel Releases Online Human Behavior Course

The online Understanding Human Behavior course has been released by Corexcel. Students will be introduced to the basics of human behavior in relation to self-understanding and interaction with others in order to improve patient care.

Certificate in D&I in HR Management Courses Released by Corexcel

Corexcel has released a new HRCI certificate program: Certificate in D&I in HR Management - Culture, Engagement, and Leadership. This certificate of online courses gives HR managers the support for initiating inclusive decision-making, HR leadership, and employee engagement practices.

Online Certificates in HR Skills Released by Corexcel

Corexcel has released two new online certificate programs for HR Skills: HR Skills Fundamentals Certificate and HR Skills Best Practices Certificate. These courses give human resources managers the tools to handle daily human resources operations and create HR best practices for their company.

Corexcel Releases Online Psychology Course

The online Psychology course that has been requested by many students has finally been released by Corexcel. Students will be introduced to the basics of psychology and how it affects everyday life. It will also focus on how science-based evidence relates to conducting and evaluating psychological research.

Corexcel Releases Online Medical Coding Courses

Corexcel has just released new online courses for medical coding. The ICD-10 Medical Coding course trains students in the ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding systems, while the Procedure Coding course covers HCPCS Level II and CPT. These titles are a great follow-up to our medical terminology and anatomy & physiology courses and fills a need for students who are entering the medical coding field.

Corexcel Offers Online Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion

Corexcel has released an online certificate program Diversity and Inclusion in HR management. These courses offer HR managers the tools to create a diverse workforce, assess company adherence to inclusive policies, and methods for recruiting and retaining talent.

Corexcel Releases Online Pharmacology Course

A new online Pharmacology course has been released by Corexcel. This course introduces students to the essentials of pharmacology. They will learn functional information for preparing medication and adminsistration route, as well as purpose, side effects, precautions, and interactions for drug classifications.

Corexcel Releases Online Human Biology Course

Corexcel has just released a new online course for Human Biology. This course introduces learners to the structures and functions of the body systems, cell organelles, and genetic traits. Human Biology meets a demand by current students needing to fill a biology course requirement.

Online Certificate in Web Design Released by Corexcel

Corexcel has released a new online Certificate in Web Design. This certificate program introduces learners to CSS, HMTL, JavaScript, and responsive design for creating functional and attractive websites that are responsive on all devices.

Corexcel Releases Online Microbiology Course

Corexcel has just released a new online course for Microbiology. This course provides the fundamentals of microbiological diseases, infection prevention, and pratical applications relating to each body system. Microbiology fits into the required curriculum for most students enrolled in a health profession program.

Online Courses on Employee Rights and Employee Safety Released by Corexcel

Creating a safe working place and guaranteeing the rights of each employee are important aspects of every organization. Corexcel has released two new courses to help HR managers navigate the issues surrounding employment law, labor relations, safety guidelines and OSHA compliance: Employee Rights and Employee Safety.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Online Course Released by Corexcel

Emotional intelligence is a key part of every workplace interaction, whether in the office or online. Corexcel's new Emotional Intelligence in Leadership online course helps managers deliver clear and impactful messages to their teams that will be received well by all personality styles.

Managing Remote Employees Online Course Released by Corexcel

With so many modern employees moving to work-from-home arrangements, many managers are looking for ways to communicate, measure productivity, and provide motivation. Corexcel's new Managing Remote Employees online course gives leaders the tools to provide solid remote management.

Body Language Course Added to Leadership Certificate

Body language and nonverbal communication are part of daily workplace interactions. Corexcel's new Body Language for Leaders online course helps leaders and managers deliver clear messages, display confidence, and gain employee trust through the use of nonverbal cues. The course has been added to our Leadership Certificate program.

Data and Human Resource Management Course Released by Corexcel

Many HR managers are turning to analytics to help them make data-driven decisions regarding employees. The new online Data and Human Resource Management course covers HR metrics for problem solving as well as confidentiality and privacy in data collection and storage. The course is also included in our Certificate in Human Resource Management program.

Certificate in Digital Marketing Program Released by Corexcel

Using current technology is key in marketing your business. This new online Certificate in Digital Marketing program contains nine courses that will help you create an internet marketing strategy through optimization, paid search, social media, web analytics, and more.

New Course Alert: Management Guides for Information Technology and Customer Service

Corexcel has released two new courses for managers. The first, A Manager's Guide to Information Technology, discusses the basics of IT such as differences in operating systems and programming languages, application software, and data and information security. This online course will help managers understand technical concepts and have informed dialogue with IT staff. The second course, A Manager's Guide to Superior Customer Service, will help managers design a comprehensive customer experience plan. It help managers provide customer service reps with guidance in building customer loyalty, exceeding expectations, and dealing with difficult customers.

To learn more about these and other Corexcel management programs, please visit:

New Course Alert: Security Awareness Training

To help companies combat security breaches in today's high-tech business world, Corexcel has released an online Cyber Awareness Training course to help employees understand potential security risks and the precautions they need to take when working with sensitive data. This course is designed for professionals with little to no IT experience and is affordable at only $15 per employee. It will help raise the security awareness of your company and get employees thinking about keeping private data secure when working from home or accessing data through the cloud or from mobile devices.

Certificate in Cybersecurity Program Released by Corexcel

Information security is a key component of any business continuity plan in today's online world. Corexcel has recently released an online Certificate in Cybersecurity program to help professionals combat cyber attacks and meet data protection compliance standards. This series of online courses will cover topics such as network security, identity protection, risk assesment, security testing, and software engineering. The suite consists of eight courses that can be taken individually or as part of the certificate program. Register today to begin learning the critical elements of information security.


Unlock Leadership Potential in 4 Key Areas

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective leadership is essential for driving success and achieving organizational goals. To empower leaders with self-awareness and the tools needed to enhance their leadership skills, successful organizations turn to assessments like the Checkpoint 360. This comprehensive assessment provides valuable insights into an individual’s leadership competencies, offering a holistic approach to personal and professional development. In this blog post, we will explore the key features and benefits of the Checkpoint 360 assessment.

Understanding and Implementing the DiSC Profile Assessment within Your Organization

The DiSC Profile Assessment benefits your team with understanding various styles of behavior that can help you improve communication, increase productivity, and create a more harmonious work environment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your organization's success!

Maximize Your Course Experience with Simple Device Settings

Online courses often use multipe features to provide the student with an interactive learning experience. Some features require software plugins, while others may just need an adjustment in the device settings to improve performance. Some of Corexcel's courses use JavaScript for exercises, and many course providers use cookies as part of the user login process. To help the student maximize their online course experience, Corexcel has created blog posts with the steps for enabling some of these features:

Boost Your Career in Medical Claims with an Online Medical Terminology Course

The American healthcare industry is growing exponentially, and a medical terminology course can help assure your success working within this world. The expansion of this industry is creating jobs that are increasingly specific to particular facets of the medical process. As a medical claims specialist, your area of involvement exists within the ever-essential conduit of money flow from one entity to another. You are tasked with mediating between providers and insurance companies concerning payment for medical goods and services rendered to policyholders. This area relies heavily on terminology...

Recruiting Solutions: How PXT Select Can Minimize the Cost of Bad Hires

As a recruiter, you strive to avoid the cost of a bad hire while instead, pinpointing the candidate that will enable the workflow to flourish. Often times during the hiring process, however, an unqualified or unsuitable candidate ends up getting the job. The results of this are exponential...

The Importance of an Anatomy and Physiology Foundation

Now that you've decided to enter the healthcare field, where do you start? Many experts state that taking an anatomy and physiology course is critical for long-term success. Before you decide to move forward and start an online anatomy and physiology course, it's best to understand why this foundation of knowledge is vital to your medical career. Let's take a closer look.

Did You Know That These Healthcare Careers Start with Medical Terminology?

Medical Terminology is a basic requirement for nearly every healthcare related career path. Recognizing, understanding, and pronouncing basic medical terms, abbreviations, and more is critical for success in a clinical environment or behind the scenes support role. And medical terminology courses don't just teach you vocabulary. You'll learn how to break down complex medical terms concepts into prefixes, suffixes and word roots so that you can decipher them.

An In-depth Look at Our Online Anatomy and Physiology Course

For many future healthcare careers, a foundation in anatomy and physiology is essential. Beginning with an introduction to the organization, structures, and functions of the human body, the Corexcel course will provide the very building blocks you'll need to succeed. You will be able to take a closer look at common diseases, disorders, and conditions that will help you better understand the needs of patients or administration.

Resolving Conflict in the Office with DiSC

Interoffice relationships can be tricky. Having many different personality types in an environment can create challenges for any business. These types also have different communication styles and knowing a bit more about each style can assist in those challenges. DiSC is an assessment that places everyone into four main personality styles. Personality profiles have become effective tools to consider for helping managers and team members work together more effectively. Here are simplified suggested guidelines you can use to help resolve conflict in your workplace.

A Career in ICD-10 Medical Coding: What You Should Know

A course in medical coding can expand your career opportunities in the medical industry. These codes form the basis for defining patient information in health records, medical claims and outcomes reporting. Before you take a course in medical coding, it might be helpful to get a better understanding of ICD-10 and what it can mean for your career. Here are some general ideas to help you grow your career in medical coding.

Making the Most of Your Online Course

Whether you want to learn a new skill or enhance your current professional experience, online classes can help you advance your education without interrupting your day-to-day life. But how do you ensure that you are getting the most out of your online education? Here are some ways to make the process more productive and ensure that your time and money is well spent.

4 Study Tips to Learn Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology is a key skill for a variety of jobs within the industry. Whether you are interested in medical transcription, billing and coding, medical administration, or clinical roles, knowing the terms will be essential for your success. There are a variety of ways to learn this skill, but taking online courses can give you many added benefits, including the ability to learn in your own way and at your own pace. But how do you ensure that you retain this information? Here are some tips on studying medical terminology.

Study Tips to Ace Anatomy and Physiology Classes Online

Knowledge of anatomy and physiology is essential for jobs in the medical industry. All the Latin and Greek phrases, with complex prefixes and suffixes, can be challenging even for someone with an incredible memory. But memorization isn't the only strategy that works for learning and remembering anatomy and physiology. Here are some tried and true methods that can help you succeed.

Top 4 Reasons to Train in Medical Coding

The New Year is always a good time to reassess your long-term career plans. For many, going back to school or pursuing new training opportunities is a good way to increase earning potential. One of the most popular industries is medical coding. If you're considering this field, what are the benefits to training in medical coding and what is the next step to make it happen?

Top Benefits of Using DiSC Profiles in the Workplace

With so many companies using DiSC profile assessments as a business tool, it is easy to see why they're widely considered the best on the market. They facilitate communication, improve understanding between managers and employees, and foster good working relationships among coworkers. DiSC tests are easy to use and the results are easy to understand. So what are the key benefits of DiSC assessments and how do you use them for your business? Let's take a closer look.

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