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Next Gen Leaders: Attracting & Retaining 20-Somethings

In order to develop next gen leaders you need to understand them. What do they look for in a company? What keeps them engaged? What do they need to develop? Jonelle Burns, our 20-Something Marketing Coordinator & Accreditation Services Manager polled her friends to determine what is it 20-somethings need to flourish, and here are the results.

Mobile Manners During Meetings

Are you guilty of texting, emailing or answering a call while you’re in a meeting? You’ll put your phone on silent after reading these statistics on mobile manners during meetings. Put that phone on silent!

10 Inexpensive Employee Recognition Ideas

Everyone loves to be thanked for going above and beyond their role. I'm sure you value your employees and appreciate them for the work they do, but do you think they know? That is the biggest question. Utilize these 10 inexpensive, but effective, employee recognition ideas to thank your employees for a job well done!

Throwback Thursday: Management and Leadership

This Throwback Thursday, we're going back to the basics of management and leadership. What is the difference between the two and why does it matter? Learn more about the difference between leadership and management and how Work of Leaders can help you define management and leadership.

The Year End Review: Training & Development Programs

The only way we can continue to grow is to occasionally look back and reflect on previous successes and lessons learned. The new year is a perfect time to do that. Creating a training and development plan for your staff members is an important piece to the organizational effectiveness puzzle. Learn how to get started and how Corexcel can help you and your team achieve your goals.

Management Tips: 10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Their Employees

We all have different management styles, but extraordinary bosses all have one thing in common. They give these 10 things to their employees. Read the blog post to learn how you can keep your team motivated and moving forward in the new year.

Throwback Thursday: 4 Easy Steps to Handling Holiday Stress

"All I want for Christmas is a BREAK!" Sound familiar? The holidays are an awesome time of year filled with family, feasts and fun! However, between a jam-packed schedule, budgeting woes, travel frustrations and cramped lodging accommodations, the holidays can be stressful. But, you can change that!

Online Medical Terminology Course Helps Job Seekers

"Gastroduodenostomy?! What?!" Corexcel's online, self-paced Medical Terminology course helps you learn medical terminology quickly. Learning a whole new vocabulary can be frustrating if you don't have time to attend a semester long program or read out of a dictionary (Who does?). Hundreds of colleges and universities, hospital systems, insurance companies, healthcare organizations and job seekers have turned to us for help, and here's why!

Throwback Thursday: DiSC Profiles Minimize Conflicts and Maximize Productivity

It's a manager's worst nightmare. Your team is not getting along, and your productivity is dwindling. Our DiSC profiles blog series covers how to use DiSC profiles to reduce conflict in your workplace. Blog series includes interactive script to use with your team and tips for working with the D styles, i styles, S styles and C styles in your office.

4 Easy Interview Tips: Face Your Fears

With Halloween just a couple weeks away, we are talking about common fears found in the business world. This week it is the fear of being interviewed. Do you get nervous or anxious before an interview? Are you stressed for a whole week before going on that interview for the job you have always wanted? Interview fear is common for many people, and it can express itself in many ways. Follow our four quick and easy interview tips to ace your job interview.

Facilitators, Face Your Fears! 4 Successful Training Program Tips

Whether you're terrified of public speaking or simply discussing a product you don't know much about, Corexcel can help you make your first (and every) training program a huge success. Whether you're facilitating leadership training, customer service training, management training or soft skills training, follow these four steps for ensured training program success every time.

Halloween Special: DiSC Personality Styles

In the spirit of Halloween, I've put together a fun post about the DiSC personality styles of some of the creepy creatures we've come to know and love. You're sure to see them this and every Halloween, as they are the most classic. Everyone loves DiSC profiles of famous people, so why not famous Halloween creatures? Includes infographic.

Scared of Stress? 7 Effective Stress Management Techniques

As we get older, it becomes more and more important to practice effective stress management techniques. But, with all of the responsibilities of work and home life, one is bound to get stressed out. How can we deal with the stressors of daily life in a healthy, effective way? Here are seven effective stress management techniques that work for me!

Workplace Conflict: Constructive or Catastrophic?

While some workplace conflict can be healthy, some conflict can be catastrophic to your business. Learn how you can reduce conflict and improve communication with Everything DiSC Workplace profiles and training materials.

Twitter App Vine Changing the Way We Connect with Schools

Vine, the new Twitter app, has been giving students and colleges creative ways to connect with each other. The Vine app, free for iPhone and Droid users, allows you to share 6-second video clips with anyone on the Internet. Colleges and universities are showing glimpses of their campus, while students are highlighting their skills in quick bursts in hopes of being recruited. It's an exciting new way to promote higher education, but such an open life of communication has it's disadvantages of course.

20 Creative Interview Techniques: For Better and For Worse

CareerBuilder recently asked HR managers to recall the most creative interview techniques they have seen. Here is the complete list of successes and failures.

The 8 Keys to Success: Educational Assistance for Veterans

Earlier this month, President Obama introduced the 8 Keys to Success, eight best practices to help veterans transition into the classroom and succeed in the workforce. What are the 8 Keys to Success? Are schools adopting them? Read our blog post for more information and to find a school near you.

Asean Johnson: An Inspiration in Elementary Education

Asean Johnson inspired us back in May when he passionately pled to keep his school open. Just this week, the inspiring 9-year-old boy became the youngest speaker to step in front of the microphone at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. He marched "for education, justice and freedom" but he represents so much more.

5 Study Tips for Online Learners

So your prerequisite class roster is filled. Maybe your company is requiring you to take an online course to be considered for a pay raise. Or perhaps you are just taking a defensive driving course to lower your insurance payments. Corexcel works with thousands of online learners whether they are taking clinical, business skills or nursing CEU courses. Many people are turning to online courses to fulfill their needs quickly and more conveniently. Here are five valuable study tips to help you succeed in online courses.

Technology in Education: 7 Technologies that Could Revolutionize Education

Brief recap and video of Pearson Chief Digital Office Juan Lopez-Valcarcel's Technology in Education presentation at the recent Next Web Conference Europe. Juan verbalizes seven key technologies that could revolutionize the way we teach youth. Ideas include the Invisible Computer, Body Language Assessments and more.

Time Management Techniques for the College Student

Your college years can be some of the best years of your life, as long as you can manage your time effectively. Who wants to spend all of their time studying? You want to ensure you have time to spend with friends and family. Recalling my college experience and sharing some time management techniques that helped me improve my time management skills, including taking a Time Mastery Profile.

20 Inspirational Quotes on Education & Learning

Check out 20 favorite inspirational quotes on learning and education. We feature inspirational quotes from Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein and more. The perfect motivation to get through today and the rest of the week.

The West Wing: A Lesson in Management Training

The company, SongKick, delivers an interesting service and in return has a unique outlook on management training. Learn how they're using CBS' "The West Wing" to teach their new hires about effective management.

Never Too Late to Learn: Self-paced Online Courses

A success story of how our Medical Terminology online course helped a former Wall Street employee advance in the medical field. In the demanding world we live in, how is someone supposed to handle their responsibilities at work, with family, personal time and still continue with their education? Online, self-paced courses seem to be the solution, and former Wall Street employee Diana knows all about that.

DiSC Profiles Training – Types of Learning Styles Cheat Sheet

Our DiSC Profile Training Infographic identifies the various types of learning styles you'll come across during your DiSC training programs. The most successful facilitators can adjust their facilitation style to fit the needs of their classroom needs. Learn more about how you can learn more about your classrooms prior to training.

5 Interview Tips Using the DiSC Profile

The Everything DiSC Workplace is all about open communication, making it ideal for job candidates looking to learn more about themselves and identify the DiSC styles of their interviewers. These five interview tips using the DiSC Profile will help you feel more confident going into the job interviews ahead.

Positive Attitude & Determination: College Girl, Stranded, Survives

A local girl was on a trip to study marine biology with her college when she found herself stranded in the middle of the ocean during a snorkeling trip. After 16 hours of being stranded, she somehow found the courage and determination to make it back to the shore. Her story of determination and positive attitude is on our blog.

SCORE Advisors Help Small Businesses Succeed

Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping small businesses grow. Through helpful resources, education and mentorship, SCORE provides confidential, unbiased consultations and help to small businesses in the area. Corexcel has had a relationship with SCORE for several years, and Sue Bowlby weighs in on her thoughts.

Malala Yousafzai: A Young Inspiration Fighting for Education

Watching Malala Yousafzai's speech to the UN on the BBC, I became overwhelmed by her incredible passion and bravery. She spoke not for herself, but for others whose voices cannot be heard. She was fighting for the rights of others in hopes of someday living in peace. Her goal was for everyone to be treated with dignity and for all to be educated.

Social Media, Customer Service and the New Salesperson

Social media has changed the way we sell. Buyers look to salespeople for confirmation, not information. DiSC for Sales helps your team connect quickly with customers, which can make or break a sale.

Leadership Quotes and Leadership Roles

Slowly wrapping up our leadership month celebration with some memorable and inspirational leadership quotes! Jeff lists some memorable leadership quotes from those in leadership roles. Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think of someone in a leadership role?

Bad Management Blog Series: Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Boss? #TBT

In honor of #TBT (Throwback Thursdays) and sticking with the leadership theme this month, I'm taking it way back to 2011 with my blog post on bad management. My tips on how to handle conflict with your boss (and how to right your wrongs as a bad boss) still stay true today.

Management and Leadership: What's the Difference?

Jason Willey answers a difficult question: What's the Difference Between Management and Leadership? One of our clients uses Work of Leaders to help employees define management and leadership to answer the question once and for all.

Leadership Lessons from Dad

When I was growing up my dad was an arc welder, constructing large commercial boilers. His job was physically demanding and dirty. He slowly rose in leadership. He spoke of Dale Carnegie and headed a Junior Achievement Group. When I think back on these and other lessons he taught me, I am interested in how they relate to the best practices of DiSC as defined in the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders and my own DiSC profile.

The Office & DiSC Personality Styles

In honor of NBC's final season of The Office, we are highlighting each of the DiSC personality styles that made The Office so painstakingly popular. Everyone loves a good post about DiSC Profiles of famous people and TV show characters. Check out this one!

Perception vs. Reality: Building Your Personal Brand

My husband, a training developer and facilitator, and I were talking the other day about our personal brands and their importance on our professional livelihood. Somehow the conversation snowballed (as they tend to!) into a conversation about perception vs. reality and how it relates to a personal brand. We both agreed that perception IS reality when it comes to your personal brand. What can you do to improve relationships at work, and thus, protect your personal branding? Follow these five easy steps to improve your personal brand with DiSC profiles.

Why Effective Training Equals Success

With the job market still recovering from the economic collapse of 2008 and 2009, companies and organizations are investing more money into training current team members in place of hiring new employees. Training employees can include one on one coaching, behavioral assessments, or simply helping them become proficient in their job duties. Why is training so important?

4 Key Ingredients to Effective Communication

If we only remember 10% of what we hear, why do we spend 99% of the time worrying about the words we say instead of focusing on how we say them? We've all heard the clever adage, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." Effective communication skills are vitally important in today's business culture. Whether you're coaching a team member, proposing a new product idea, or making a presentation in front of hundreds of people, the way you convey your message, present your ideas and ask for your teammates input is critical. Let's take a look at the four main ingredients of effective communication.

Choose to Be an Effective Leader: The First 3 Steps

How does one become a leader? Is it something we are born with or is it a skill we develop over time? Some say, "Leaders are made, not born. " While others argue, "Leadership is either something you have, or something you don't have." The leadership debate is one that continues to rage on...

NCAA March Madness – Does Your Team Make the Cut?

As Selection Sunday draws closer, the debates begin. Who will make it into NCAA March Madness, and, more importantly, are the teams worthy of selection? What if businesses had a March Madness? How would your team measure up? Follow these 5 tips to develop and maintain an all-star team. Although each team may have their star player, a good coach will tell you that you can't win games without the involvement of the entire team. It's the same with business. While we search for new, aspiring talent, it's the work...

5 Easy Time Management Tips – Be Productive & Reduce Stress

Whether you're a full-time student or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, I think we can all agree that sometimes we wish there were just a more hours in our day. With meetings, classes, changing priorities, deadlines and personal obligations, how do we finish all of our tasks with just the few uninterrupted hours we have each day? The answer is time management. Being able to effectively manage...

Would You Hire Dolly Parton? First Impressions Can Be Misleading

I had Anderson Cooper's show on last week while I was getting ready for work. (Okay, so I was running late as usual.) His guest was Dolly Parton, a very talented writer, singer and businesswoman. Dolly talked about her life and mentioned that she and her husband often like to go to Wal-Mart very early in the morning to look for deals, especially around Christmas. Anderson asked her if people go crazy when they realize she's in the store but she said there are very few people there early in the morning and, besides, she does live in Nashville where people are used to seeing her.

2012 New Year's Resolutions: Setting the Right Goal & Making it Stick

Millions of people make New Year's resolutions each year, but it seems like only a handful of us actually follow through and achieve them. What can we do to finally make the cut and avoid being yet another statistic in 2012? Let's not forget the reason for choosing a New Year's Resolution. A resolution is any goal that is going to increase your satisfaction and/or quality of life. Whether you're looking to find the right career path, get promoted within your existing job, reduce the stress in your life or maintain a healthy lifestyle, everyone's goal is ultimately the same: to better develop yourself this year. Don't be afraid to get creative with your goals!

How to De-stress this Holiday Season

4 Easy-to-use Stress Relievers - This year, give yourself the gift of relaxation. Although the holidays are a time when you can enjoy spending time with family and friends, they often throw a curve ball in your regular routine which can cause stress and anxiety. Whether it's booking and monitoring your travel arrangements, managing your budget, purchasing a last minute gift or balancing the demands of work and personal life, 'tis the season to slow downs...

"Be honest with me!" - The Importance of Evaluation & Feedback

Inaccurate feedback may be affecting your bottom line! I recently came across a research report done by a local university researcher who specializes in psychology and the importance of self-understanding. Over 3,000 students took a test and received either accurate or incorrect feedback (either too positive or too negative). Later, students were asked about their thoughts on depression and how they felt. Surprisingly, students...

Everything DiSC Team View is NOW Available

Get a quick and colorful view of your group with the NEW Everything DiSC Team View Report! The FREE Everything DiSC Team View Report gives you a quick, colorful and easy-to-remember snapshot of your team's individual DiSC styles. Each of your staff members are represented by a colorful Everything DiSC circular map. The Everything DiSC Team View is great for leaders on a budget or...

Why Companies Aren't Getting the Employees They Need

52% of US companies report difficulty filling jobs. 47% of employers blame prospects' lack of "hard" job skills or technical skills. 35% of companies cite candidates' lack of experience. 28% of companies are...

Free Client Showcases - Free DiSC for Leaders Profile

Attend one of the following in-person client showcases to get an insider look at our newest Leadership assessment! The events are FREE to attend and include a FREE Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders profile (valued at over $80) as a thank you for attending!

"shakinmybootie"… and Other Memorable Resume & Interview Moments

A recent CareerBuilder survey conducted by Harris Interactive asked more than 2,600 employers to share their interesting, unusual and downright bizarre r�sum� and interview experiences. If you are NOT in the mood to crack a smile, I recommend you stop reading immediately.

Corexcel Achieves High Business Honor

Corexcel announced as 2011 Superstars in Business Award Winner! Corexcel named a 2011 Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business Award winner. The Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business Award, named for one of Delaware's leading small business entrepreneurs, honors businesses and non-profit corporations for their outstanding achievements and model approaches to business and management. The awards are presented…

STOP! 6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing an Assessment

Before you select an assessment for your upcoming training program, make sure you ask yourself the following important questions. Answering these questions will give you more direction so you can choose the best assessment for your group, AND get the most out of your budget!

Upcoming DiSC Certification & Showcases

If you're new to DiSC profiles, need an update or just can't get enough of DiSC, we've got plenty of upcoming events for you to attend! Get the most out of using DiSC profiles with your clients and/or employees by hearing the most up to date research, tips and resources straight from experienced DiSC professionals.

Meet Pete: Conflict Resolution and the C Style

Pete's constructive criticism didn't seem to go over too well with Marsha. In their recent confrontation, Marsha felt like she was being attacked by Pete. When Marsha accused him of this, Pete rebutted, "I was merely informing Marsha that her idea needs much more fine tuning before being presented to the rest of the group." Pete didn't raise his voice but still managed to upset her. Why?

Meet April: Conflict Resolution and the S Style

April quietly watched as the confrontation with Marsha and Jeff grew louder and more intense. Each time Marsha and Jeffrey raised their voice, April became even more uncomfortable, slipping deeper into her conference room chair. April was so quiet, in fact, that Steve did not realize she was in the room until after the argument. And who can forget April's classic line…

Meet Marsha: Conflict Resolution and the i Style

Marsha had a difficult time hiding her feelings from the rest of the group during her recent confrontation with Pete and Jeffrey. Marsha was excited to share her ideas with the rest of her team but became frustrated when she felt Pete and Jeffrey were too critical. Marsha felt like her creativity was being questioned by their negative comments. Her enthusiasm turned to frustration and she defended her ideas strongly. Jeffrey's name calling…

Meet Jeffrey: Conflict Resolution and the D Style

If you read our last blog post, DiSC Profiles Minimize Conflict and Maximize Productivity, then you can recall the story of Steve and his sales team. Jeffrey and Marsha were yelling at each other during a discussion that originally surrounded one of Marsha's ideas. Jeffrey grew frustrated when Marsha felt attacked by Jeffrey and became emotional. From there, Jeffrey lost focus of their original discussion, and began targeting Marsha's personality, at one point calling her, "over emotional." The D Style: At a Glance…

Blog Series: DiSC Profiles Minimize Conflicts and Maximize Productivity

SCENE: It's a busy Wednesday afternoon at ABC Technology, Inc. a mid-sized software and IT company based in Philadelphia, PA. STEVE, a quiet, yet successful Sales Manager, is walking down a long hallway to the coffee station when he overhears a shouting match going on between two of his employees. He finds them and the rest of his sales team…

DiSC Classic Facilitator's Kit Upgrade Now Available!

The NEW USB drive makes customizing your DiSC® training programs even easier! If you're tired of toggling back and forth between your Everything DiSC DVD for videos and your PowerPoint presentation, then this upgrade is for you. Now you can replace your existing DVD with an USB that incorporates the content, videos and resources materials in one easy-to-use package. So, why should you upgrade?

New Everything DiSC Group Poster Helps Visual Learners

Now when you generate an Everything DiSC Group Culture or Facilitator Report, you can also generate a FREE Everything DiSC Group Poster! Your Group Poster will show your team's dots on the brightly colored, easy to understand Everything DiSC circular map. The poster…

EPIC Feature STILL Simplifies Report Generation

A few months ago, I wrote a review on the EPIC Account Batch Function on our DiSC Profiles blog. This feature was newly released and proved to be an easy-to-use, time-saving function then, and I'm happy to say it is still as useful today. I recently had a few clients ask about creating batches using their EPIC accounts…

DiSC 360 Reports – Online 360 Feedback

In a previous post entitled Who's afraid of the big, bad boss?, I touched a little bit on the Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Profile as a great way to prevent bad management from plaguing your organization. Since then, I've received quite a few questions about the profile, and I thought a quick blog post was a great place to provide you with answers.

The Training Matchmaker! Training Tips

One thing I love about my job is helping my clients reach their training goals. While that initial phone call can take 15-30 minutes and cover important subjects like topics of interest, budget, audience and challenges, we start with the basics. When planning training for a group, take the time to define what you want your learners to know or to do when they have completed the training. This will help you choose the most effective type of training for your learners and for the organization as a whole.

e-Learning: Tips for getting what YOU want out of online courses!

Whether you're looking for college credits, contact hours, a certificate program or another type of continuing education, you may be able to find the courses you are looking for online. However, there are risks involved if you don't do the right amount of research. With my help, you'll learn what questions to ask and what information to look for during your search for online courses, ensuring that your e-Learning experience is a good one! I've even included a Cheat Sheet to help you ask the right questions.

Corexcel Releases New Project Management Simulated Course

HealthMax Software Project Management Simulation lets you test your project management skills and see the impact of your decisions on the project's success. You'll assume the role of Project Manager at HealthMax Software: a small software company launching a brand new medical records product. This course is perfect for project managers looking to develop their skills in leadership, management, decision-making and project development.

Corexcel Maintains National Nursing CE Accreditation

Corexcel received national accreditation as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for the 3rd consecutive time. "ANCC accreditation has been a vital part of our business since 1984," stated Don Bowlby, Vice President of Operations. "It demonstrates our commitment to continuing education standards and the development of exceptional…

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Boss? Part II

In my last article, I discussed how organizations can keep bad management from negatively impacting their bottom line. Part II of this two week blog series spotlights bad management as it relates to the employees and manager involved. Bad management can cause high levels of stress, frustration and leave employees feeling under-appreciated. Following the appropriate steps can help you alleviate bad management from affecting your career – whether you're the employee or manager.

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Boss? Part I

The two week blog series will focus on everything that is bad management. Bad management can often lead to quick turnover, loss of productivity and can waste a lot of money. Many employees may even leave a company because of their boss, not the position. Part I of the series provides tips for organizations to prevent bad management from affecting their workplace or address situations that may already exist. Part II will focus on employees and managers' steps to overcoming bad management.

Corexcel Announced as 2010 Inscape Publishing Diamond Award Winner

Corexcel has been announced as an Inscape Publishing Diamond Award winner for the 5th consecutive year. Less than 1% of Inscape North American consultants earned this honor in 2010. Corexcel has been an Authorized Distributor of Inscape Publishing since 1998, and provides online courses, behavioral assessments and training resources for both professionals and organizations of any industry.

Ace Your Job Search

Job searching can be a very daunting experience. With so many methods of applying for jobs, it is getting easier for under-qualified or over-qualified candidates to get in the way of your resume. Corexcel is now offering Ace Your Job Search, a self-paced, online course designed to give you the edge over your competitors. Ace Your Job Search includes the resources you need to improve your resume, develop your interviewing skills and feel confident throughout the entire job search process.

One Company Gets DiSC

By 1978, Marston's book had been on the marketplace for 50 years but there was no easy way to make his words on paper work as a tool to change businesses. Different industrial psychologists had worked with both concepts and tried to build different kinds of tools using Marston's theory and Jung's archetypes without much success. John Geier, PhD was the first to successfully operationalize the DiSC model in the form commercialized by Inscape Publishing.

Putting DiSC Management to Work

Everything DiSC Management is a well-tested, proven training system; there is no question about that. But how do end users make it work? The process starts with managers learning what their own style is. Once they get a handle on how they like to interact and work, the next step is figuring out their employees' styles then adapting their own style to meet the other person's needs and get the work done.

Medical Terminology: First Step on a New Career Path

In these days of economic uncertainty, career change is a hot button issue. As baby boomers retire and leave the work force, employers are concerned about the shortage of skilled workers. In addition, corporate cost cutting, off-shoring, layoffs, and forced career changes leave many workers with difficult choices. Gone are the days of one job and one employer for life. Following a career path today can mean maneuvering...

Digging into DiSC History

The most recent iteration of the behavioral styles concept is DiSC but the theory currently underpinning DiSC dates back to 1928. That was the year that William Molton Marston wrote a book called The Emotions of Normal People. In his book, Dr. Marston proposed a system of psychology that used the acronym of DiSC for the first time. Marston's idea was to prove brilliant but not many people actually remember that he was the father of the DiSC concept. One reason is that Marston was a Harvard trained psychologist...

The Concept Behind DiSC – You Do the Math

What manager hasn't said to himself, at least once in his professional life, that his job would be so much easier if it weren't for all the people he had to deal with? Odds are there isn't one person who manages employees who hasn't uttered that phrase. But getting work done through other people is what most managers are paid to do. What if you could get everything...

Learning to Lead

A friend of mine, let's call her Vicky, owns a well-established hair salon with over 15 operators. For the past year she has been agonizing over her business's slow growth. Last month, two of her employees approached her and asked for a meeting. In the meeting they asked Vicky to teach them how to manage so that they could help move the business forward.

Reformulate Your Workplace to Cure a Toxic Environment

We hear a lot about the toxic workplace these days, and some of us can relate to the news. No one wants to work in an unhealthy environment. Poor morale and unnecessary stress are detrimental to employees and company alike. Caught in a downward spiral, the toxic workplace can feel like a pit of quicksand, pulling everyone down without hope of escape. Sometimes it seems there is no cure for the problem...

Want to Win a Championship? Build a Better Team

"Teamwork" has become one of those buzzwords that makes many of us flinch. Often team members work at cross-purposes and the team, rather than being an aid to productivity, becomes its greatest obstacle. It doesn't have to be this way. Working with a team can improve morale, decrease frustration and ...

Are You a "New School" Leader?

If you pick up a training or human resource magazine these days, you're likely to find at least one article about how to work with, maximize, engage and otherwise lead the "Millennials". Millennials are also known as "Y's" or the "how to engage generation." Then there are Generation Xers, the boomers, and the echo boomers. Does paying attention to this really make a difference in how things happen at work each day? Researchers tell us it does. What is very certain is that managing is changing and challenging today. You and your leaders cannot afford to be "old school."

Delegating, Empowerment, and Strategic Alignment

There are good habits that we hope all of our supervisors and managers have to help them handle the often powerful and complex challenges of leadership. Delegating with clarity and purpose might be considered an art by some while others find it completely difficult. Leaders who regularly delegate are strategically aligned with their employees to improve business processes and provide feedback. This engages employees so that they are reciprocally aligned with their leaders.

4 Methods for Coping with Stress

From the earliest days of the cavemen, stress has been a part of our lives. However, rapid advances in technology and a wealth of information have produced extra stress levels for many of us. When computers were first introduced many predicted a 15-20 hour work week but the opposite has happened. Our ability to reach people quickly and respond instantaneously has created an environment where the emphasis is on delivering now. The pressure to meet expectations is overwhelming if people do not possess coping mechanisms to manage their stress.

Work Habits that Sustain Competitive Advantage

"The only unique asset that business has for gaining a sustained competitive advantage over rivals is its workforce-the skills and dedication of its employees. There is no other sustainable competitive advantage in the modern, high-tech, global economy," said Robert B. Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton and now professor of public policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. The workforce is changing, and depending on what sector your business is in or what part of the country it is located in, you may be feeling the pinch of ...

Shrinking Leadership and the Need for High Performance

With a pattern of declining birthrates and an increasingly older population in the workforce, a predominant pattern around the industrialized world, the need to train leaders is becoming more imperative. In the U.S. we have the added situation of "boomers" and "echo-boomers" which indicates that changes in the workforce are not going away in this century.

Performance Feedback Essential to Best-in-Class Organizations

Best-in-class organizations concentrate on measured performance and frequent feedback. Top performing companies are increasingly looking at competency models to improve employee performance. One of the key ingredients to competency models is employee performance feedback. Mastering the art of providing performance feedback is not easy.

Resolving Conflicts: Keep them Engaged and Sustained in Productivity

"Those in conflict are unable to sustain a productive and stable exchange," according to Craig Rashkis, a mediator who has a master's degree in dispute resolution from Pepperdine University's Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. In his article Workplace Conflict and the Importance of Resolving Early, he writes that the entire amount of organization resources spent on resolving workplace conflict early on is typically less than the resources used up in just a half a day of trial when defending a lawsuit.

Hiring: Communicating in the Age of Interaction

Interaction comes in two ways today: human-to-human and human-to-information. As a natural extension of the Information Age, the Interaction Age has come with messaging capabilities and real-time conferencing supplementing office productivity. With all of this technology at our fingertips, it is easy to lose sight of what promotes productive communication between team leaders and employees. Learn how communicating up can improve the organization.

4 Personality Types: Who is the Most Effective?

A friend of mine recently bought a fitness center franchise and she is miserable. She learned that when the center is empty she goes stir-crazy. She likes to have people around her all of the time and can't stand the quiet of the afternoon. On the other hand, my best friend is an engineer and he happily works at home alone. Some people are outgoing, some enjoy keeping to themselves and others prefer a little of both. In fact, you can classify people into four basic personality types or behavioral styles.

Hiring: Winning at the Game

Hiring is like a game of strategy. If you don't play this game well, with the right strategy, you might as well be rolling dice or spinning a roulette wheel. The ball goes just round and round. Peter Cappelli, a professor of management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said once that most companies are so bad at finding the right person for a job that they have no idea whether their hiring process is ...

Communication Creates Innovative Culture

Do you recognize and celebrate innovation in your organization through communication? Communication creates an innovative culture when you let your employees know you value their ideas and input. And you don't shoot the messenger of bad tidings when innovation has failed. Good managers communicate support and advice, reflect and probe in a constructive way when things go less than perfectly, and they don't play the blame game. An innovative culture Can bring your organization to life.

A Tightly Woven Process: Retaining Talent

If your organization is focused on growth, profitability, customer loyalty, new product introductions, employee engagement and shareholder value to name a few, you must also be in the process of talent management. This is the fabric of a strategy that allows you to not only develop new leaders, but also retain the exceptional talent you hire. It is a tightly woven process and what you do ...

Legendary Coaching Helps Everyone Reach the Net

John Wooden discusses how coaching for sports is similar to coaching people. Wooden said, "Every one of us is different. We are similar in so many respects, but we are not identical. The person in leadership must carefully analyze everyone under his supervision to the best of his ability." Traditionally most managers have not been looking at each of their employees carefully and coaching each one appropriately. Without motivation...

Truly Memorable Customer Service: When was the Last Time?

When was the last time you received truly memorable customer service? If you're like most people it's hard to think of a time that stands out. You're probably wondering why that is. How does your organization's customer service stack up?

Human Capital and Bottom Line Performance

McBassi and Company, an investment fund that focuses on organizations with excellence in human capital practices, says that a study of 750 large, publicly traded firms found that organizations with the best human capital practices provide returns to shareholders that are three times greater than those of companies with weak human capital practices. See how supporting change and retaining your talent can improve your returns.

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Press Releases

New Nursing CEU Course: Preventing Medication Errors

Corexcel has just added a new continuing education course for nurses, Preventing Medication Errors. This online course is Florida Board approved to meet the two hour requirement relating to prevention of medical errors that must be completed each renewal period. Successful completions of this course will be reported to CE Broker for Florida-licensed nursing professionals.

New Nursing CEU Alert: Pediatric Immunization Schedule Online Course

From the recent measles outbreaks at Disneyland to the effective rate of this season's flu vaccine, the controversy surrounding pediatric immunizations is everywhere: news, social media, Capitol Hill, and, of course, healthcare facilities nationwide. Stay current on the recommended pediatric schedule with our new, online nursing CEU course, Pediatric Immunizations: Immunization Schedule and Recommendations.

Recorded Webinar: Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

Our previous webinar, Sharpen Your Leadership Skills & Put Your Best Foot Forward in 2015, was a huge hit! We covered research-based leadership best practices, common leadership pitfalls, and how you can implement an effective leadership development program in your organization. The webinar was free to attend and is now available in a recorded version.

New Nursing CEU Courses: Diabetes Mellitus

Corexcel just added two new nursing CEU courses to our growing list of online, self-paced courses. Both courses surround diabetes mellitus, a common, growing public health concern. Take Diabetes Mellitus: Fundamentals for basic information on diabetes, physiology, evidence-based research, and current resources. Diabetes Mellitus: Management will help you develop education plans and help treat patients with diabetes.

Introducing the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Assessment & Training Materials

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment and training materials has been launched! Designed for intact teams, the training program based on Patrick Lencioni's The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, can help your team discover what it takes to build and maintain a truly cohesive and effective team. Learn more about the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team today!

New Nursing CEU Course: Fall Prevention Assessment & Safety

Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among older adults, but they can be prevented. Take our online, self-paced nursing CEU course on Fall Prevention Assessment & Safety to learn the steps you can take to help your patients decrease their chances of having a fall.

Save 9% on Your Worst Nightmare: HIV AIDS Nursing CEU Courses

Blood Borne Pathogens like Hepatitis and HIV are very scary, but very real. They can end up a nurse's worst nightmare. This month, save 9% on our HIV/AIDS and Blood Borne Pathogens Nursing CEU Courses. Read on to find out how you can save 9% through the month of October.

Spooky Sale: 9% off Everything DiSC Profiles, Kits & Accessories

There is nothing scarier than a dysfunctional team! Whether you're trying to improve your team's communication skills or develop your executive team's leadership qualities, Everything DiSC profiles and tools can help you deliver affordable, customizable and effective DiSC training programs. Learn how to save 9% through October 31.

Everything DiSC Workplace: Communication available in more languages!

We are very excited to announce that the popular workplace communication profile, Everything DiSC Workplace, is now available in more languages. Previously available in English and Spanish, the profile has now been translated into Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German!

Get $25 or $50 When You Refer a Friend to Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology

During the month of August, you can earn a $25 or $50 AMEX gift card by referring your friends and organization to our Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology online courses. Have your friend mention your name when they order over the phone or enter your name in the "Special Requests" field during their online purchase. Get the details now on our blog.

Everything DiSC Workplace Communication Profile: Ahora disponible en Espanol!

The best-selling DiSC communication profile is now available in Spanish! The Everything DiSC Workplace communication profile is perfect for any department within your organization. It focuses on communication and workplace relationships in order to help your group work more effectively together, no matter what they are in within your organization.

Work of Leaders Book – New Book, New Lease on Leadership

Learn how the Work of Leaders book is changing the way we lead. Also, receive a free DiSC assessment and book (Retail $114.95) just for reading. The Work of Leaders book combines DiSC with leadership best practices to show you how you can be an amazing leader.

New Online Management Classes Alert: New Manager's Toolbox

Our latest addition to the online management classes and simulations is the Manager's Toolbox. Ideal for new managers, these online, self-paced courses are designed to tackle the most difficult managerial challenges.

Save 15% on HIV AIDS Awareness CEU Course

Celebrating Nurses Month with 15% Off HIV AIDS Awareness CEU Course. Earn 5.59 Nursing Contact Hours and CEU's for learning HIV AIDS Awareness and Safety in the Workplace. HIV and AIDS are a growing epidemic, and healthcare professionals need to know contamination, diagnosis, workplace protection and patient rights.

Everything DiSC® Group Reports & Follow Up Tools - FREE Everything DiSC® Comparison Report

Generate free, unlimited DiSC Comparison Reports through the EPIC system. Comparison Reports provide two participants with personalized feedback on working together, from both party's perspectives. DiSC profiles offer personalized, research-validated narrative to help improve employee and customer engagement.

Everything DiSC® Group Reports & Follow Up Tools - Everything DiSC Group Culture Report

We're highlighting the Everything DiSC Group Culture Report – perfect for your group training. Blog includes sample reports, tips, how-to's and more!

Everything DiSC® Profiles - Group Reports and Free Follow Up Tools

Make your DiSC training stick, and save money doing it! Over the next few weeks, we'll introduce you to the Everything DiSC group reports and free follow-up tools to help you achieve your training goals.

Everything DiSC® Gets Even Better!

As you know, the very popular Everything DiSC® profiles (including Workplace, Sales, Management, 363 for Leaders and Work of Leaders) have previously used a 79-item assessment to generate personalized Everything DiSC profile reports. Corexcel is excited to announce that all of the Everything DiSC profiles have been updated to Adaptive Testing (AT) and a new, more advanced, scoring algorithm. Using AT takes the already accurate DiSC system to the next level – providing you with the most precise DiSC style assignment possible. What is Adaptive Testing? AT is commonly used in...

Microlearning: The New Trend in Training

The new online training buzzword is microlearning. Although the term may be new to you, this particular learning theory has been around for hundreds of years. Experts agree that learners only have about a 10-15 minute attention span. In order to keep participant attention, effective training programs chunk information into bite-sized pieces with frequent, brief breaks. Microlearning takes this learning theory a step further by implementing micro-courses. These online courses are only about 10-20 minutes in length focused on one particular topic.

Providing Performance Reviews with an Impact - $15 Off Online Course

If you read our recent blog post on the importance of performance reviews and providing constructive feedback, then you're familiar with the vital impact that performance reviews (or lack thereof) can have on your business' bottom line. Conducting consistent, effective performance reviews will increase productivity, boost morale and develop your team members' skills, while a lack of performance reviews negatively impacts retention, company reputation and employee productivity and motivation.

Corexcel Achieves Highest Sales Honor

Corexcel was recently announced as 2011 Inscape Publishing Diamond Award Winner. Sue Bowlby, and the rest of the Corexcel team, have been honored as an Inscape Publishing Diamond Award winner for the 6th consecutive year! Diamond Award Status is Inscape's Highest Award Level. In 2011, less than 1% of Inscape Publishing distributors earned the honor of Diamond Award status.

Start Laughing! Humor Skills Training on the Radio

Corexcel is excited to announce that one of our authors, Paul McGhee, has begun broadcasting his own radio series! Paul McGhee, President of the Laughter Remedy, in Wilmington, DE and renowned author, has teamed up with Birach Broadcasting Company in order to broadcast his brand new radio series, "Health and Happiness through Humor" as part of the "Bright Side of Aging" broadcast. This weekly series of live radio broadcasts are devoted to learners of any age looking to...

Act Now – Save $50 on Leadership On Line Courses!

Prepare for 2012 and sign your team up for our online leadership essentials courses. Management styles weigh heavily on overall employee satisfaction. While a savvy manager can inspire and motivate team members, a poor manager has the opposite effect, and the entire department - and company - will suffer as a consequence. Productivity declines, employee morale diminishes and eventually the top performers will start looking for jobs elsewhere - perhaps with your competitors...

2012 DiSC Certification Dates Announced!

The Everything DiSC Certification programs are two-day training sessions held in Minneapolis, MN designed to help you fully understand the DiSC theory and successfully implement the Everything DiSC products within you or a client's organization. Through classroom discussions, real life examples and group presentations, you will learn the research behind DiSC and its circular model. You will be introduced to each of the Everything DiSC profiles, facilitator kits and supplemental reports. And what's more, you will discover how to fully customize the kits to fit your training needs.

Corexcel Maintains Status of Authorized Provider of IACET CEUs

Wilmington, DE – The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) has awarded Corexcel the prestigious Authorized Provider status, for the second consecutive application. IACET Authorized Providers are the only organizations approved to offer IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The recognition period extends for five years, and includes all programs offered or created during that time.

Corexcel Earns Diamond Award in 2009

Wilmington, DE – Sue Bowlby of Wilmington, DE has been honored as a 2009 Diamond Award winner. "Sue Bowlby's dedication to helping her clients attain higher levels of success through ongoing training and development is reflected in this achievement," remarked Jeffrey Sugerman, president and CEO of Inscape Publishing. "We are proud to have Sue as a leader in our Inscape Publishing community."

Corexcel Releases Everything DiSC® Management

Wilmington, DE – Corexcel has released Everything DiSC Management, the latest addition to the Everything DiSC product library. Everything DiSC Management was created by Inscape Publishing and recently released for sale. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Inscape Publishing is the pioneer and leading provider of assessment-driven classroom learning solutions that develop interpersonal skills.

Area Training Executive Attends Professional Conference

Wilmington, DE - Don Bowlby of Wilmington, DE recently attended Inscape Publishing's annual conference in Orlando, Florida to invest in his professional development. Bowlby was among an exclusive group of 215 Inscape Distributors to attend the business building conference for independent consultants in the training and development market.

Corexcel Repeats Diamond Award in 2007

For the second year in a row, Sue Bowlby of Corexcel will be honored as a 2007 Diamond Award winner at the Inscape Publishing President's Club on March 1, 2008.

Corexcel Releases Everything® DiSC Sales

Corexcel has released Everything DiSC® Sales, the latest addition to the Everything DiSC product library. Everything DiSC Sales was created by Inscape Publishing during the fourth quarter of 2007.