EPIC System for Online Profiles Electronic Profile Information Center | Online administrative account system for profile distribution and retrieval

Increase productivity & gain administrative control with EPIC

EPIC, is an easy to use online system that provides you with an easier, more cost-effective option for purchasing, delivering and retrieving online profiles and associated reports. Corexcel can set up a private, online EPIC account for you to manage profile distribution and reporting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How EPIC Works

As an EPIC account owner, you have access to all of our online profiles through the EPIC system. When you purchase EPIC account credits, they are deposited into your account. You will be able to manage EPIC administration accounts from any device with internet access. You will be able to administer access codes and profile reports whenever it’s convenient for you.

EPIC Account Benefits

  • Administrative access 24/7/365
  • Stay organized with folders and subfolders
  • Customizable report covers and account settings
  • Private, secure profile storage
  • Access to FREE supplemental reports
  • Exclusive access to new products and promotions
  • EPIC credits never expire!
  • No monthly fees!

EPIC Credit Ordering

Already have an EPIC Account? Use the form below to order your credits. A complimentary EPIC Account is included with your first purchase of 250+ credits.

1 - 249$5.40 each
250 - 499$5.10 each
500 - 749$4.85 each
750 - 999$4.70 each
1000 - 1499$4.55 each
1500 - 1999$4.45 each
2000+$4.35 each

Enhanced Report Options

  • Customize reports with company branding
  • Personalize participant emails
  • Choose whether participants get to view profile results
  • Organize reports in folders and sub-folders
  • Create sub-accounts under your EPIC account
  • Transfer reports and credits between accounts
  • Set up email notifications for completed reports
  • Schedule assessments for a later time
  • Generate various group reports
  • Download multiple reports at once

Who Uses EPIC Accounts?

We recommend EPIC accounts for organizations with 10 or more profile participants, consultants who use online profiles as part of their consulting services and/or organizations with an ongoing need for online assessments. Our EPIC account holders include corporations, small businesses, colleges, non-profit organizations and consultants.

Customize email instructions, brand profile report covers and include your contact information to keep your brand in front of clients or employees. EPIC makes it easy to generate reports and to enhance your brand simultaneously.

Products Available on EPIC

EPIC Administrative Accounts & Credits

Setting up an EPIC administrative account requires a $243.00 set up fee. Corexcel will waive the set up fee with the purchase of 250+ EPIC account credits. When you purchase an EPIC account you will receive an email receipt, as well as a separate email with your access information. EPIC access emails are generated during normal business hours 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST Monday through Friday.


We realize that not everyone wants a “teach yourself” experience. We're always happy to give you a personalized EPIC tour and a complete orientation when you open an EPIC administrative account. Order an EPIC account or EPIC account credits using the order forms above.

Available EPIC Product Details

For organizations that wish to offer a broad range of assessments, the products below can be installed into your account with a phone call (1-888-658-6641) or a request sent through our contact form.

Everything DiSC Workplace Profile

Everything DiSC Workplace is perfect for everyone in the organization. It improves communication and the quality of working relationships.

DiSC Classic 2.0

With 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million users, DiSC Classic remains the most trusted learning instrument in the industry. The DiSC Classic 2.0 report answers the growing demand for a personalized report with expanded narrative. Its informal, conversational style brings to life all the elements of the original DiSC instrument.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ

This emotional intelligence test is Corexcel's new Everything DiSC profile. Focus on recognizing your own mindset and being adaptable in social and work interactions so that you can contribute to an agile environment.

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict

This profile targets conflict in the workplace. Participants will learn how to put instinctive behaviors on hold so that they can reframe communication with coworkers in a constructive way.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Work of Leaders is a leadership assessment built around employee behaviors at work, more specifically, their leadership styles. Strengthen leadership skills with Everything DiSC Work of Leaders.

Everything DiSC Management Profile

Everything DiSC Management helps managers learn to develop and improve their management styles, communicate more effectively and improve employee engagement.

Everything DiSC Sales Profile

Everything DiSC Sales is used to increase sales effectiveness by teaching participants to understand DiSC sales styles, identify and understanding customer's DiSC purchasing styles and how to adapt their DiSC style to meet customer needs.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Based on Patrick Lencioni's New York Times best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this Everything DiSC-Based Profile provides your team with personalized, constructive narrative you can use to improve your culture and increase productivity.

Five Behaviors: Personal Development

The Five Behaviors: Personal Development assessment uses the cohesive team model but applies it to individual personality development. Single users can take this profile and use their results in comparison or group reports as they join new teams. This assessment is great for companies with fluid teams and shifting project priorities.

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