Understanding and Implementing the DiSC Profile Assessment within Your Organization

Organizations worldwide use DiSC® assessments to help shape and drive company culture and nurture dynamic environments and professional relationships. For more than three decades, these assessments have been a valuable tool for helping people and organizations understand individual personalities and how these personalities can interact and thrive together. And for many years, Corexcel has helped organizations utilize these assessments to maximize the benefits of their DiSC data.

Let’s dive deeper into the newest version of DiSC and the types of information it can generate.

What Is Everything DiSC?

The DiSC model assesses four main personality types and the descriptors associated with these types.

DiSC Style Description

There are also eight priorities that DiSC measures that help create a more detailed report for individuals taking the assessment:

DiSC Style Priorities

DiSC has been a core element of organizations, agencies, and workplaces for over 30 years because it is an effective tool for creating and understanding productive professional relationships.

DiSC Options

Corexcel has been offering and supporting DiSC behavior assessment profiles for 20+ years and can provide organizations with a paper-based booklet or an online assessment.

The paper-based booklet includes the entire 28-question assessment with the ability for the individual to self-score to see their results.

Alternatively, online profile access codes can be received via email when ordering the online version. Users can take the 28-question assessment entirely online, and the organization or individual will receive the results immediately in an easy-to-understand, narrative format.

Corexcel also offers multiple DiSC variations for the online version, including:

  • DiSC Classic
  • DiSC for Workplace
  • Everything DiSC Management
  • And more

DiSC Classic

For individuals and small organizations new to using DiSC, the Classic Profile provides an easy way to use and understand DiSC on an individual level. DiSC Classic includes the online assessment and results or paper-based assessment with instructions on calculating results. The online version automates the process with the online assessment, including sending, scoring, and generating narrative reports. In addition, the organization can choose if it wishes Corexcel to send the access codes directly to the participants or if an administrator will receive the codes and distribute them internally. Once a user receives their code, they can immediately begin the assessment.

DiSC for Workplace

Everything DiSC Workplace moves beyond DiSC Classic. While individuals can determine their own DiSC style, they’ll also get the opportunity to discover more about their coworkers’ styles. By expanding beyond a person’s individual style to learn more about their coworkers, organizations can begin developing more effective workplace relationships and more efficient methods of communication. Although Everything DiSC Workplace works well on its own, many organizations choose to use it as part of a more comprehensive training program.

EPIC System for Online Profiles

Corexcel also offers EPIC accounts to make access to online profiles more convenient and cost-effective. Organizations can manage administration accounts from any point with internet access and would have access to all of the online profiles through the EPIC system. To offer EPIC users greater flexibility and choice, Corexcel allows account owners to purchase EPIC account credits. Corexcel deposits the credits in the account after purchase, and organizations can choose which products to order using their credits for a truly customized assessment experience. Some of the profiles that organizations can use their EPIC credits on include:

There is a fee for setting up an EPIC account, but organizations can have the fee waived by purchasing 250 or more EPIC credits.

Who Benefits from an EPIC Account with Corexcel?

Organizations of all sizes and types can benefit from an EPIC Account with Corexcel. Because of the credit system, workplaces and agencies can choose which assessments and reports will help them the most. Organizations can also customize the reports with their own company logo and contact information. An EPIC Account offers organizations the tools to cultivate workplace culture for employees and center their brand for clients. In addition, EPIC account access is available around the clock, and Corexcel is available for support.

Corexcel Provides a Better Approach

Since 1984, Corexcel has offered organizations stellar service and fundamental tools to drive workplace efficiency and relationship building through comprehensive trainings and assessments. By offering DiSC products at every level and through the EPIC Account system, Corexcel can meet any organization where they are and take them where they plan to go.