Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Assessment Assessment Pricing & Free Sample Reports

Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict system is our newest DiSC®-based assessment. Conflict occurs in every workplace environment. Everything DiSC Productive Conflict helps people improve their awareness in conflict situations. Increased awareness decreases the destructive behaviors that decimate the workplace environment while promoting the productive behaviors that turn conflict into something positive. People who complete the assessment will:

  • Better understand how to respond in conflict situations.
  • Learn communication strategies for efficiently dealing with conflict.
  • Discover the destructive and the productive behaviors that are typical with different DiSC personality styles.

The Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment can be used as a stand-alone activity or as part of a larger training program. For organizations that want to implement DiSC, we offer professional facilitator materials to get trainers up and running quickly. The facilitator materials for this program are currently in development. We expect them to be released within the next few months.

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Assessment Instant Access 24/7/365

Improve your self-awareness in conflict situations with Everything DiSC Productive Conflict. This new assessment helps transform uncomfortable encounters into strong relationships.

  • Learn about the destructive behaviors of each DiSC style.
  • Discover how to tailor their responses in conflict situations.
  • Learn strategies for communicating more effectively during conflict situations.
1 - 12$86.00 each
13 - 24$82.00 each
25 - 37$77.00 each
38 - 49$75.00 each
50 - 74$73.00 each
75 - 99$71.00 each
100+$69.00 each


Everything DiSC Facilitator Report

The Everything DiSC Facilitator Report is a group report using data from Everything DiSC Profile individual reports. If you have a group of participants who have completed the Everything DiSC Sales, DiSC Management or DiSC Workplace profiles, you can view of summary of all their DiSC styles and how they relate to each other. The report offers issues to consider in order to work together more effectively. The DiSC Facilitator Report includes the names and styles of each participant and can be used across all Everything DiSC programs.

The report includes:

  • Introduction to group culture
  • Detailed DiSC style group map
  • Summary of each DiSC culture in your group
  • A list of group members and their individual DiSC styles
  • Quick Reference Chart (for groups of 16 or less)
  • Group Map with names (for groups of 26 or less)

Everything DiSC Group Culture Report

The Everything DiSC Group Culture Report provides a composite of your group's DiSC styles. If you have a group of participants who have completed the Everything DiSC Sales, Management or Workplace profiles, you can view a summary on the DiSC styles found in your group and and how they impact your organization's culture. The report allows you to easily determine a group's DiSC culture and explore its advantages and disadvantages. The DiSC Culture report does not include participant names.

The report includes:

  • Introduction to group culture
  • Map of group's DiSC styles
  • Participant names remain anonymous
  • Summary of each DiSC culture in your group
  • Advantages/disadvantages of DiSC styles

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