Certificate in Web Design

Skills in web designing are necessary for everyone who is putting content in front of their users or customers. The content could be an email blast or blog post or a website. The online Web Design Certificate program will help learners generate a common theme for their website and other platforms that will help them deliver their message through a user-friendly and attractive layout.

Certificate in Web Design: $399

Certificate Overview

This online web design certificate program in web designing and development helps you understand how to work through the creative process for laying out the style and message of their website. You then move from the basics of layout into the computer languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that are necessary for executing your design. You will also focus on creating a responsive design for today's various mobile devices. And finally, participants in the Certificate in Web Design program will have access to a capstone activity that provides a simulation for practicing your web design concepts and coding techniques. Courses included in the certificate program are:

Volume Pricing

To enroll 10 or more employees in these online web design courses, or to integrate any of our business skills courses with your Learning Management System, submit your request using our contact form or call 1-888-658-6641 during our normal business hours 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST, M - F. One of our representatives will gladly assist you.

After completing the Certificate in Web Design you should be able to:

  • Explain information architecture and how to use it in web design.
  • Identify the web design language for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • List selectors and declarations available to use in CSS rules.
  • Create an external style sheet.
  • Create a responsive layout using Flexbox.
  • Explain the structure and syntax of an HTML document.
  • List the hierarchy of the Document Object Model.
  • List JavaScript libraries and frameworks used for adding functionality to webpages.
  • Identify viewport and how to configure a website to responsive design.
  • Calculate page element widths using the box and border-box models.
  • Explain the use of flexbox in a layout.

The online Certificate in Web Design is intended for professionals creating web content.

  • Certificate Fee: $399.00
  • Course Credit: 1.5 CEUs | 12.0 SHRMs
  • Number of Courses: 5
  • Course Format: Self-paced online certificate program
  • Completion Time: 3 - 4 hours per course
  • Access: 365 days
  • Prerequisites: No prerequisites
  • Online, self-paced courses
  • Open enrollment 24/7/365
  • No prerequisites
  • Interactive review exercises
  • Professional videos with complete transcripts
  • Ask the Expert feature - Submit questions directly to our experts
  • Print certificate instantly

Access Time: You get full access to Introduction to Web Design, CSS for Web Design, HTML for Web Design, JavaScript for Web Design, and Responsive Web Design for 365 days.

Completion Time: Completion time is dependent on several factors. The average completion time for this certificate program is 3 - 4 hours per course. A student's prior knowledge, Internet connection speed, reading comprehension, optional exercises and videos all contribute to how quickly students complete our certificate programs.

Certificate: An average test score of 70% is required to complete each certificate course. Upon successful completion of all of the certificate courses, you will be able to print your certificate instantly.

  • Access to an Internet connection
  • An updated Internet browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari
  • Web browser support for cookies (typically enabled by default)
  • Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat - Download Adobe Reader (free)

If you're unsure about any of these requirements or if you have questions please contact us through our contact form or by calling 1-888-658-6641 during our normal business hours 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST, M - F. One of our representatives will gladly assist you.