Top 4 Reasons to Train in Medical Coding

The New Year is always a good time to reassess your long-term career plans. For many, going back to school or pursuing new training opportunities is a good way to increase earning potential. One of the most popular industries is medical coding. If you’re considering this field, what are the benefits to training in medical coding and what is the next step to make it happen?


  1. Options to work from home. Medical coding is a career that often gives you the flexibility of working at home. Many healthcare providers are choosing to outsource this task rather than face the overhead of hiring permanent employees with medical coding and billing skills. This means working from home is not only possible, but preferred in many cases. You can work at your own pace and on your own terms as long as you meet the requirements of the contract.
  2. Be your own boss. In this case, you wouldn’t just be working from home, but you would also be working for yourself. Most of the work-from-home medical coding professionals are hired as independent contractors. This means they are not an employee of the clinic or medical facility and are free to take on additional clients as well. You are responsible for your own marketing, production, and accounting, but you are also responsible for your own success.
  3. Online education opportunities. Training for a career in medical coding is easier than ever. It’s no longer necessary to attend physical courses and pay higher tuition fees to colleges or tech schools. Online education programs, such as those offered by Corexcel, are available at the fraction of the cost. Learn at home online, so you can continue working your current job and learn without disrupting personal responsibilities.
  4. Work in healthcare. Finally, the number one reason individuals choose to become medical coding professionals is to work within the growing and exciting medical industry without committing to the clinical side, such as working as a doctor or nurse. Medical coding will allow you to help patients even though you are not directly interacting with them.

How to Start

If you’re looking for a career that is medical related and gives you flexibility in your lifestyle, you can earn your certificate with the same self-paced flexibility online. Corexcel’s comprehensive ICD-10 Coding course is designed for individuals learning to code, as well as for healthcare professionals needing an update on current codes. For medical coding course details, visit