Hiring Winning Talent
Online Course for Hiring Practices

Hiring Winning Talent Online Course Screenshot

Hiring Winning Talent is an online course that focuses on improving the interviewer's ability to select the best team members by addressing all aspects of the recruitment process. In this course you will focus on writing position descriptions, identifying job competencies, crafting the competency-based questions, learning how to conduct an effective interview, and finally making your selection. Most people will take about 90 minutes to complete this course.

Course Cost

  • $4900 for 50 online course seats

Course Lessons

  • Introduction to Job Competencies
  • Competency-Based Questions
  • Planning the Interview
  • Resume Screening
  • Conduct the Interview
  • Hiring Winning Talent Model
  • Making the Decision

Course Objectives

  • Establish an efficient process that will reduce the time it takes to interview and select a qualified candidate.
  • Maximize new hires' productivity and ensure team cohesion and support.
  • Increase the retention of all new hires, and, in particular, reduce turnover during new hires' first year on the job.

Related Materials

This online course is a module designed for individuals, but it can also be used as pre-work or post-work for the instructor-led version of Hiring Winning Talent. If you are interested in staff training, please visit our Hiring Winning Talent training materials page.