STAR Service
Customer Service Training Program

STAR Service

STAR Service is a four-hour program that focuses on the crucial role that communication plays in the customer service transaction. With this program you and/or your clients will see an increase in customer retention, an expansion in business relations and an increase in customer referrals.

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STAR Service
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STAR Service Training Details

The practice sessions provided in this program will allow participants to get comfortable with their service skills and it will give them a chance to share their knowledge and experience with others. Your company will benefit from the STAR Service program by increasing customer retention, expanding business relationships, and gaining customer referrals.

Delivery Options

  • 4-hour classroom program
  • 1-hour online course
  • 6-18 participants recommended

Course Objectives

  • Effectively integrate the expectations of your customers, organization, and yourself into your performance as a service professional.
  • Successfully apply each of the essential communication skills in your role as a service professional: listening, questioning, paraphrasing, and explaining.
  • Consistently employ the STAR Service process to create positive customer experiences.

STAR Service Benefits

  • Create positive customer service experiences.
  • Increase customer retention.
  • Expand business relationships.
  • Gain customer referrals.

STAR Service Participant Workbook

Participant workbooks are intended to reinforce learning as part of a facilitated training session. Access to videos and interactive exercises are not included in the workbook.

STAR Service Participant Workbook
  • Program content
  • Exercises to reinforce learning
  • Memory card with service and communication skills

STAR Service Facilitator Guide

STAR Service Facilitator Kit
  • 4-hour workshop designed for any employee having customer contact
  • Complete instructions on how to facilitate the workshop
  • Scripted seminar for the trainer
  • Trainer preparation hints
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Videos of customer service scenarios