Everything DiSC Catalyst & Associated Costs

In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace dynamics, understanding individual differences and fostering effective communication and collaboration is crucial for organizational success. This is where tools like Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ come into play. Designed to help businesses harness the power of personality assessments, Catalyst offers valuable insights into human behavior, communication styles, and team dynamics. In this post, we explore what Catalyst is, how it works, and, of course, the burning question – what does Everything DiSC Catalyst cost?

Understanding Everything DiSC Catalyst

Everything DiSC Catalyst is an assessment platform based on the principles of the DiSC model, which categorizes personality traits into four dimensions: Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. The assessment helps individuals and teams gain an understanding of their communication preferences and behavioral tendencies.

Key Features and BenefitsEverything DiSC Catalyst

1. Personalized Insights: Everything DiSC Catalyst provides a detailed report that offers insights into a person’s unique personality style, communication preferences, and potential blind spots. This self-awareness is a valuable starting point for personal and professional growth.

2. Team Compatibility: By assessing the DiSC styles of team members, Catalyst helps identify potential conflicts and collaboration opportunities. This enables teams to work more cohesively and effectively.

3. Leadership Development: The tool can be instrumental in leadership development programs by highlighting a leader’s strengths and areas for improvement. This aids in tailoring leadership approaches to better suit the team’s needs.

4. Enhanced Communication: Understanding one’s DiSC style and the styles of others can lead to improved communication and reduced misunderstandings within teams and organizations.

What Does Everything DiSC Catalyst Cost

Now, let’s address the important question of cost. Everything DiSC Catalyst, like many other workplace assessment tools, comes with a pricing structure based on the number of participants.

At the time of this writing, the base Everything DiSC Workplace package is priced at $81.00 per participant which is relatively inexpensive considering how much is included with the assessment on the Catalyst platform. The price varies based on the number of participants. For 135 or more the price drops to $66.25 per participant. Again, this is at the time of this post. Refer to Corexcel to see current Catalyst pricing.

Previously organizations had to purchase group reports. That expense can be eliminated as participants can view and compare their styles against colleagues for no additional cost.

Organizations that have participants who have people who have already completed Everything DiSC Workplace® or DiSC Classic can upgrade to Catalyst for free through December 31, 2024.
Catalyst also includes features for adding Everything DiSC Management and Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ for a significantly reduced price. We’ll save that discussion for a future post.


Everything DiSC Catalyst is a powerful tool that can transform the way individuals, teams, and organizations approach communication and collaboration. By gaining a deeper understanding of personality styles and preferences, businesses can unlock the full potential of their workforce. To get started or for more extended pricing, such as adding a virtual DiSC training session, contact Corexcel.


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Understanding and Implementing the DiSC Profile Assessment within Your Organization

Organizations worldwide use DiSC® assessments to help shape and drive company culture and nurture dynamic environments and professional relationships. For more than three decades, these assessments have been a valuable tool for helping people and organizations understand individual personalities and how these personalities can interact and thrive together. And for many years, Corexcel has helped organizations utilize these assessments to maximize the benefits of their DiSC data.

Let’s dive deeper into the newest version of DiSC and the types of information it can generate.

What Is Everything DiSC?

The DiSC model assesses four main personality types and the descriptors associated with these types.

DiSC Style Description

There are also eight priorities that DiSC measures that help create a more detailed report for individuals taking the assessment:

DiSC Style Priorities

DiSC has been a core element of organizations, agencies, and workplaces for over 30 years because it is an effective tool for creating and understanding productive professional relationships.

DiSC Options

Corexcel has been offering and supporting DiSC behavior assessment profiles for 20+ years and can provide organizations with a paper-based booklet or an online assessment.

The paper-based booklet includes the entire 28-question assessment with the ability for the individual to self-score to see their results.

Alternatively, online profile access codes can be received via email when ordering the online version. Users can take the 28-question assessment entirely online, and the organization or individual will receive the results immediately in an easy-to-understand, narrative format.

Corexcel also offers multiple DiSC variations for the online version, including:

  • DiSC Classic
  • DiSC for Workplace
  • Everything DiSC Management
  • And more

DiSC Classic

For individuals and small organizations new to using DiSC, the Classic Profile provides an easy way to use and understand DiSC on an individual level. DiSC Classic includes the online assessment and results or paper-based assessment with instructions on calculating results. The online version automates the process with the online assessment, including sending, scoring, and generating narrative reports. In addition, the organization can choose if it wishes Corexcel to send the access codes directly to the participants or if an administrator will receive the codes and distribute them internally. Once a user receives their code, they can immediately begin the assessment.

DiSC for Workplace

Everything DiSC Workplace moves beyond DiSC Classic. While individuals can determine their own DiSC style, they’ll also get the opportunity to discover more about their coworkers’ styles. By expanding beyond a person’s individual style to learn more about their coworkers, organizations can begin developing more effective workplace relationships and more efficient methods of communication. Although Everything DiSC Workplace works well on its own, many organizations choose to use it as part of a more comprehensive training program.

EPIC System for Online Profiles

Corexcel also offers EPIC accounts to make access to online profiles more convenient and cost-effective. Organizations can manage administration accounts from any point with internet access and would have access to all of the online profiles through the EPIC system. To offer EPIC users greater flexibility and choice, Corexcel allows account owners to purchase EPIC account credits. Corexcel deposits the credits in the account after purchase, and organizations can choose which products to order using their credits for a truly customized assessment experience. Some of the profiles that organizations can use their EPIC credits on include:

There is a fee for setting up an EPIC account, but organizations can have the fee waived by purchasing 250 or more EPIC credits.

Who Benefits from an EPIC Account with Corexcel?

Organizations of all sizes and types can benefit from an EPIC Account with Corexcel. Because of the credit system, workplaces and agencies can choose which assessments and reports will help them the most. Organizations can also customize the reports with their own company logo and contact information. An EPIC Account offers organizations the tools to cultivate workplace culture for employees and center their brand for clients. In addition, EPIC account access is available around the clock, and Corexcel is available for support.

Corexcel Provides a Better Approach

Since 1984, Corexcel has offered organizations stellar service and fundamental tools to drive workplace efficiency and relationship building through comprehensive trainings and assessments. By offering DiSC products at every level and through the EPIC Account system, Corexcel can meet any organization where they are and take them where they plan to go.

Hiring Assessments Are a Trend That’s Here to Stay

wooden people shaped figures in a row

The hiring process is arduous for employers and applicants alike. The applications and interviews are time-consuming…and draining. Applicants are thinking “pick me!” and employers often feel bad when they don’t.

To remove the uncertainty involved with selecting the right candidate (someone with the necessary skills who would fit in with the culture), many employers are turning to online hiring assessment tools to help with the process. These tools generally look at a candidate’s personality, work style, knowledge, and skills. The hiring assessment we offer, PXT Select™, offers online ease and incredible insight.

No matter which online hiring assessment you use or are asked to complete, take these steps for best results:


Don’t try to outsmart the assessment. You won’t win. The assessments are programmed with “B.S. detectors.” PXT Select reports even state, “Some candidates may answer in a way that is socially desirable or to make themselves look better, rather than respond candidly and risk disapproval.” When you take a hiring assessment, answer honestly.

Free yourself from distractions. When you take an assessment, leave yourself about an hour to complete it. Some assessments are longer, some are shorter, but that’s the average.

Ensure a good internet connection. PXT Select allows users to pause the assessment and come back to it later, but some assessments don’t. Don’t risk having your responses marked incomplete or wrong.

Have a calculator handy. Some assessments include math and allow the use of calculators.

Don’t psych yourself out! If you don’t know an answer, just move on. Some impossible questions are built into hiring assessments. Tough math questions in particular are viewed on a scale. Where an engineer might be expected to have a high score, candidates applying to other positions might be fine with a much lower score.



Do not use a hiring assessment to rule out a candidate upfront! Do not use it as the sole decision-maker, either. That is not how it is intended to be used. Instead, use an assessment for about a third of your decision-making, later in the process.

Start by reviewing a candidate’s resume and assessing their experience. Then factor in their interview and references. Once you have narrowed down the talent pool to several candidates, you can use a hiring assessment.

The assessment provides insight that the individual can’t during an interview. The results report on his/her thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests. Yes, interests matter. (Say a candidate is applying for a customer service job, but their results show they’re not a people person. It might not be a good fit in the long run.) With several candidates’ reports in hand, you can move on to the next round of interviews.

Added bonus for employers: PXT Gives you interview questions to ask. The questions are based on each individual’s responses and allow you to learn even more.

Online hiring assessments ensure that the right candidate is brought on board for a position. So get on board! These hiring tools are here to stay.

Email us at learn@corexcel.com to learn more.

After a Pause on Hiring, Reset and Restart

When the pandemic began, it abruptly threw businesses into turmoil. Workers went remote. Hiring in many industries was put on hold. Management focused on how to stay afloat and move forward. Now that states are starting to reopen and move towards a sense of normalcy, businesses are lifting the pause button, resetting, and starting to hire again. If you’re one of them, here’s what we suggest:

hiring reset after covid

Consider hiring remote workers1. Instead of bringing people on board and planning for them to eventually come to the office, you can add permanent telecommuters to the team. Unsure? Try a candidate out as a freelancer. Start with an experienced remote worker, communicate your business’s values, and establish guidelines. Also, be sure to convey your corporate culture and to verify a candidate’s identity.

Use a hiring tool. In the best of times, it’s a challenge to make sure you bring the right people on board. Now, without meeting candidates in person, you want as much insight as possible at your disposal as you decide who to hire. We recommend PXT Select™, an online hiring assessment designed to help you select the best candidates for your organization. It not only assesses thinking style (e.g. verbal reasoning), but also behavioral traits (e.g., independence), and interests (e.g., technical). It measures verbal and math skills, too.

This is important because you don’t want to hire someone who, although good at the job, ultimately won’t stay because they don’t feel fulfilled or engaged. PXT Select takes a variety of factors into consideration and provides information that lets you know if a candidate is truly a good fit.

Candidates complete an assessment online that takes an hour or less to complete. The system generates reports that let you truly get to know a candidate. It even suggests personalized interview questions for you to ask a candidate to probe deeper for more insight on certain points. You can also use the reports to compare multiple candidates.

So dust off your pre-pandemic hiring practices and reset with these tips. You’ll start fresh and bring in the best new hires for your organization.

Email us at learn@corexcel.com to learn more.

1Forbes.com: Hiring Your First Remote Employee? Follow These 16 Tips

Is The Time Right for a Career Change?

clock with people in the background

Who would have thought that a global pandemic could be just the thing to prompt a career change? When COVID-19 first hit, we were thinking, “Do I have enough toilet paper” and “Where can I get hand sanitizer?”—not “Perhaps I should switch jobs.” However, there are actually several reasons why it just might be the perfect time to make a career move.

Time to think. Before the pandemic, it was go-go-go.  We were running to work. Running home to take care of the kids. Running to meet friends for dinner. Now we’re sitting on the sofa…and sitting there some more. It gives us time to think, and, importantly, to assess whether or not we’re happy with our careers. Time to think can lead to “time to change.”

Job uncertainty. Businesses of all sizes are hurting. Many Americans are worried about job security, rightly so. Even if you enjoy your current job, will it be there when the dust settles as the pandemic winds down? Unfortunately, a new career might not be something we want, but something we need.

Time to learn. With all of these weeks at home, we have plenty of time on our hands. That means we have time to learn new skills. We have time to update our resumes and LinkedIn profiles, too. (Even if you’re working full-time, you no longer have a commute, social engagements, or errands to run.)

Workplace flexibility. Just a few months ago, an employer might have questioned a job candidate on a career shift. In these unprecedented circumstances, a career move is understood.

Corexcel offers the educational opportunities you need to revitalize or reinvent your career. Not only do we offer a full suite of career-boosting courses, we also offer many online certificate programs. Earn your certification in Data Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Cybersecurity, or many other in-demand options. Exit the pandemic with a valuable skill set—and a new career!

Email us at learn@corexcel.com to learn more.

So You Want to be a DiSC® Trainer? Earn Your Certification!

DiSC-based Live Training CourseConsultants, human resources specialists, and internal corporate trainers interested in facilitating Everything DiSC Workplace® workshops: We get it. The Everything DiSC Workplace® profile is a phenomenal tool that helps improve employee communication and relationships in any workplace. Earn your certification, and you’ll be on your way to running DiSC training sessions—and launching an exciting new chapter in your career!

Earn DiSC Certification Online
Our online DiSC certification program lets you become DiSC-certified from the comfort of your home (or wherever you like). The comprehensive four-week program includes three, 90-minute live training sessions. In between these instructor-led classes, you have self-directed work. At the end of the program, you take an exam that leads to certification.

Not only will you learn how to facilitate professional training sessions using the power of DiSC, but also how to customize the standard presentation to make it your own. Once you’re a certified trainer, you will be able to incorporate your own style as you present the material!

DiSC in the Workplace Matters
Every organization—big, small, corporate, nonprofit—has employees with distinct personalities and behavioral traits. There’s sure to be conflict and communication challenges. The beauty of Everything DiSC is that it provides insight on individuals’ primary and secondary behavioral styles across a variety of business functions. Whether it’s Workplace, Management, Sales, Productive Conflict or Work of Leaders, Everything DiSC helps people gain knowledge and understanding, which can improve workplace camaraderie.

Corexcel President and CEO Don Bowlby said, “We’ve found that our customers who use Everything DiSC and integrate it with their culture often experience exceptional team performance and rising stock prices. Helping that happen is extremely rewarding for us.”

To bring the benefits of Everything DiSC Workplace® to your workplace or the workplaces you support, earn your certification through our online program.

Email us at learn@corexcel.com to learn more.

Planning a DiSC Workshop? Set Yourself Up for Success

DiSC WorkshopAs an employer, you likely know about the power of DiSC profile tests for assessing your employees’ personalities, learning about team dynamics, and taking action based on the results. Hosting a DiSC workshop is a fantastic way to educate your team on what DiSC offers and how to use it for your organization. To ensure a successful DiSC Assessment Training workshop, ask yourself these questions:

Who is your audience?

This affects not only who should participate, but also how the workshop should be structured. Are you looking to teach first-time managers? Employees who started in the last quarter? Senior management? An entire department? You’ll want to adjust the workshop’s content and approach accordingly.

What is your goal?

What do you want participants to know or do as a result of the DiSC workshop? For example, do you want to: pinpoint the cause of an ongoing problem, improve communication, reinforce sales skills, or boost customer service? This determines which DiSC assessment to use-and how to tailor your workshop.

What is your schedule?

Can you dedicate the three or four hours typical of a workshop that includes participant exercises? Would a 90-minute workshop on two different days work better? Or would incorporating DiSC training into an existing workshop be best? Your schedule affects the workshop’s design.

What is your trainer preference?

Is someone on your staff willing and able to conduct the workshop? There are excellent facilitator kits to guide those who are comfortable in that role. If you would rather hire an experienced DiSC facilitator, we can point you to local experts.

Do you prefer an in-person or virtual workshop?

There are advantages to each. A virtual workshop lets you train employees across multiple locations. However, for some folks, nothing compares to an on-site facilitator interacting with your team.

Whether you’re using DiSC to resolve issues with individuals, improve your workplace culture, or enhance any other aspect of your organization, you should host a DiSC Training workshop to properly educate your team. Prepare yourself with these questions ahead of time, and you’ll be off and running.

DiSC® Myths—Busted

DiSC® Myths—Busted

How much do you know about the DiSC® Personality Test? When it comes to behavior assessment profiles, DiSC is simply unmatched. Participants complete a short survey, which then generates insightful results on their behavior. DiSC offers valuable information for your organization, yet misconceptions abound. Here are some DiSC assessment myths debunked.

Myth #1: You can’t use DiSC as part of your hiring process.
Truth: While DiSC shouldn’t be your sole decision-making tool, it can be helpful during the hiring process. DiSC provides insight into a candidate’s behavior and communication preferences, so it can help you find someone who fits nicely in your organization.

Myth #2: You must have special certification to use DiSC in training sessions.
Truth: Unless you’re outside North America, you can use DiSC without receiving certification. This makes DiSC highly accessible to organizations that would benefit from this tool.

Myth #3: DiSC is like other behavior assessments out there.
Truth: DiSC measures so much more. While other assessments label individuals in one of a handful of categories, DiSC identifies an individual’s primary—and secondary—style. So instead of simply identifying participants as having a “D,” “i,” “S,” or “C” style (for Dominance, Influence, Conscientiousness, and Steadiness), DiSC notes their style as CD, Si, and so on. It’s a more layered approach to reflect that no individual has a “one-note” personality.

DiSC is differentiated even further by diving deeper into the intensity of each participant’s personality. With an individual’s results plotted as a dot on a graph like the one here, the location of the dot is very telling. Is your dot toward the edge of the circle? If so, then your personality is firmly in the identified style. Is your dot towards the center of the circle? In that case, you have those characteristics to a lesser degree.

Circular DiSC Model

Do you have questions? You can find common DISC questions and answers here.

To learn more, please email us at learn@corexcel.com.

Webinar: Bring Everything DiSC Productive Conflict In-House

Help Your Team Manage Clashes!

Professionals Practicing Productive Conflict

Since it’s introduction, the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment has helped many understand how and why we react to others in conflict situations. Bring this assessment-based program to your team with the NEW Everything DiSC Facilitator Kit and help your team members learn to change negative conflict into positive interaction.

The kit will guide you to:

  1. Help others understand their Productive Conflict assessment results
  2. Conduct valuable exercises that reinforce assessment take-aways
  3. Illustrate behavior modeling through videos that open the door for sharing

In this webinar, we’ll give you a glimpse of the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment and introduce the new Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Facilitator Kit. You’ll learn the Cognitive Behavior Model and see samples of the PowerPoint slides, exercises, and powerful videos that will help your team manage day-to-day clashes.

Date:  June 20, 2018

Contact Us to request the webinar recording.

Complimentary Webinar: Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment

Everything DiSC Workplace Webinar Covering Facilitation

Become a Star Facilitator! Join our Everything DiSC Workplace webinar…

Officially titled, Bring Everything DiSC Workplace to Your Team, this webinar will demonstrate the features and benefits of the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit. Discover just how easy the facilitation kit makes it to conduct 1-hour to 1-day workshops in this complimentary Everything DiSC Workplace webinar. We will also explore the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment.

In this webinar, you will learn to use the new step-by-step kit and your team’s profile results to build better relationships. Help your team learn to communicate more effectively by:

  • Discovering their DiSC style
  • Understanding other styles
  • Learning to build more effective relationships

You’ll see samples of the PowerPoint slides, exercises and powerful new videos.  We will also demonstration MyEverythingDiSC, the online interactive portal/app that allows your team to compare themselves with coworkers they communicate with daily.

Date:  April 26, 2018

Contact Us to request the webinar recording.

Learn more about Everything DiSC Workplace, request a demo or make a purchase.