Medical Terminology Online Course Reviews
Customer comments & feedback regarding Medical Terminology

Upon completion of our online Medical Terminology course, students complete a short course evaluation. Below are some of the comments customers made about the course and Corexcel.

The Corexcel program is easy to use and well put together. Everything is well described and illustrated. I found the practice tests extremely helpful since they not only correct your answer but also provide the explanation for it.
Agnieszka G. | Bayonne, NJ
Outstanding program! One of my colleagues, that has been with my organization longer than I have, decided to also take a course through Corexcel after he saw how simple it was for me to enroll and take the course.
Melanie M. | Philadelphia, PA
Excellent course! I would definitely recommend Corexcel to any colleagues that either need medical terminology as a prerequisite or to brush up on their medical vocabulary. I was surprised how much I learned in just a short amount of time.
Aaron A. | Clovis, CA
I thought this was a great class. It really pushed myself to learn well on my own. The practice tests were a great thing to let us have before completing the test.
Jenna S. | Appleton, WI
Customer service was awesome when I had an issue!!
Kate L. | Thibodaux, LA
I was very pleased with Corexcel's treatment of me on a personal level.
Deborah P. | Preston, CT
I found this course very easy to navigate through. The information provided is easy to process and follow along with. The visual as well as the sound was fantastic. Critical thinking exercises were of great value. End of chapter Learning Exercises helped to prepare for the end of chapter tests. It was a great tool in preparing for the mid-term and final exam as well. Overall, I found this to be a very good way for people to further their education that don't have time to actually go back to school for. I believe I will be taking another class in the future.
Diane D. | Ormond Beach, FL
I had the textbook and online course. The online course helped me review and check myself often. I liked the immediate feedback.
Marguerite H. | Lorton, VA
I thought this course was put together very well. It was very organized and easy to follow. The practice tests and vocabulary lists provided really helped me understand the content better, and gain a better insight into medical careers that use this terminology on a daily basis.
Alexa L. | St. Charles, IL
I really enjoyed taking this course. I am in the medical claims industry and feel that this course has helped me in my job.
Dianne F. | San Diego, CA
I was very pleased with the online medical terminology program because it allowed me the opportunity to study as long as I needed to and gave me a chance to really understand medical terminology like I wanted to.
Chantell J. | West Allis, WI
I enjoyed taking this course. My only regret was not purchasing the book so that I could study anywhere. As it was, I was limited to the computer.
Kelly H. | Bangor, ME
The course was fun and the games and exercises really reinforced what I learned in each Module.
Linda L. | Houston, TX
The course was very easy to follow.
Sheryl M. | Jacksonville, FL
The short film in Chapter 5 on the heart was very helpful, it helped fill in the gaps a written explanation left open.
Sally M. | Billings, MT
This was a great program!! It was very detailed and the different practice exercises really helped.
Cynthia D. | Leicester, MA
This was a very detailed course which was made achievable by the excellent course material and the various quizzes, games, tests, contained within each chapter.
Estelle N. | Spokane, WA
It was great class which has help me so much to lean and understand more than i thought. The practice exam for each chapter help me to understand the materials more easy and clear. Thank you so much.
Vincent F. | Orange, NJ
Greatly appreciated assistance with questions concerning the course when I called. Great course that covers a large amount of information.
Philip S. | Charleston, SC
I really liked the set up of the course. I have learned a lot and now have a working knowledge of medical terminology. The concepts presented in the course made learning the terminology very easy.
Lindsey A. | Greenwell Springs, LA
This was a fantastic and worthwhile course that was very easy to navigate and understand. I feel that the knowledge I gained from this course will greatly help me as I move along through my studies to become a physician assistant. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Corexcel for their outstanding customer service!
Marcus Z. | Eynon, PA
I've taken several online courses before, but this one was by far the best in terms of interaction, graphics and study guides
Hannah C. | Middletown, PA

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