4 Interactive Tools to Help You Learn Medical Terminology

Because study habits vary from student to student, with an online course it often can take a period of trial and error to discover what type of studying works best for you.

Here at Corexcel, our Medical Terminology online class features a variety of interactive tools to enhance your studying and help individual styles of learners complete the course successfully. Below are a few of these interactive medical terminology tools:

Audio Playback

Medical terminology is the universal language within the healthcare industry. It’s the standard form of communication between all levels of medical professionals, from doctors and nurses to medical coders and billers.

With the audio playback feature, you can highlight specific text to be read back to you to help you become familiar with the pronunciation of key medical terminology. Correct pronunciation avoids errors and confusion, and can assist you with becoming an effective communicator within your profession.

Digital Flashcards

For many students, flashcards are considered a “go-to” study method. Although effective, creating flashcards can be a timely endeavor. Pre-made digital flashcards reduce time spent hand writing individual flashcards while increasing available study time.

Digital flashcards within our medical terminology course are grouped by chapter. Each card displays a vital term with its corresponding definition on the flip side. The cards also can serve as a study outline, putting an emphasis on what content you should focus on in each chapter.

Digital Glossary

Throughout the online course, you’ll come across hundreds of terms as you progress. Having a digital glossary as you work through your lessons keeps important information at your fingertips. Definitions and detailed information are instantly available as you study.

Time previously spent flipping through countless pages of a hard copy glossary helps you keep the pace and focus as you learn.

Self-Paced Format

To some, a medical terminology course may seem overwhelming – numerous definitions, countless medical abbreviations, etc. However, a self-paced course enables you to take your time to truly grasp each concept.

You have the flexibility to complete the course in both the manner and time frame that best suits you. You can even bounce around from chapter to chapter and take the tests when you determine you are comfortable with the material.

On the other hand, if your learning for the first time or need a refresher for an upcoming job promotion or new opportunity, you can adapt your schedule to solely focus on the material to complete the course within a shortened time frame.