Why Adult Learners are Turning to Online Courses

The competitiveness of today’s job market often requires applicants to have more than just job experience. Employers want to see a master’s degree or certificate program on a resume. As a result, students are making the decision to continue learning later in life., often with online courses. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 40% of college students are 25 years and older. Online courses can be a viable option for adults interested in expanding their education.

Reducing the Stigma

In a traditional classroom setting, adult learners may feel self-conscious about their age. Since online learning limits face-to-face interactions, adult learners often find a comfort zone and actually increase their class participation. Not having to compare themselves with younger classmates can reduce anxiety and increase the level of focus needed to successfully complete coursework.


Adult learners are often juggling a plethora of responsibilities. From raising a family to working a fulltime job, there can be limited time for education. Online courses allow students to work at their own pace and create a study schedule that best fits their hectic lives. Since online coursework can be accessed when the time is right for students, there’s no chance of missing an important appointment or family obligation.


Online courses can empower adults to take control over their own personal and professional goals. Acquiring a new skillset while balancing a hectic life will reinforce that they are in the driver’s seat of their education. Reaching long awaited ambitions can provide adult learners with a high level of personal satisfaction.

The Takeaway

Online learning provides a virtual classroom setting in which adult learners can thrive. From comfort and flexibility to personal accomplishment and career advancement, students can enjoy the journey of continuing education!

Here at Corexcel, our Professional Certificate Programs and individual online courses, such as Medical Terminology, give students the benefit of education through online learning.