Student Comments - Online Anatomy & Physiology What our students are saying about the course

Upon completion of our online Anatomy & Physiology course, students complete a short course evaluation. Below are some of the comments customers made about the course and Corexcel.

The course outline was perfect and matched the subjects very clearly. The book and information were very helpful.
Arrington J. | Richmond, VA
All questions were answered in a very timely manner. The course is efficient and quick to use. Perfect for a busy schedule.
Nazanin M. | Greenbrae, CA
Awesome program!
Benjamin L. | Wilson's Mill, NC
Excellent course. It was really nice to have the convenience to take the course online, at home, and when I had time.
Tammy F. | Oakdale, MN
Excellent customer service. In-depth course content. Very well organized.
Heather T. | Griswold, CT
Great information. I very much enjoyed this course and what it has allowed me to learn.
Douglas M. | Macomb Township, MI
I have taken over twenty online courses over the last three years, and this A&P was one of the best. The material was laid out in a systematic way, with thorough explanations throughout.
Richard N. | Temple, TX
I really enjoyed how easy this program was to use. I also appreciated how quickly my questions were answered by your staff.
Abby J. | Oroville, CA
I really enjoyed the course and the textbook was very easy to understand.
Diane S. | Surrey, BC
I thank you for a very good learning experience. I found Corexcel to be easy to keep up with and not discouraging in the least. The material was easy to understand and the format fit the schedule I needed.
Erin G. | Lombard, IL
It was easy to get in contact with a person over the phone if when I had difficulty taking the practice exams for each chapter. I liked how all the course information was given to you all at once so you could really take the course at your own pace.
Erin K. | South Boston, MA
Nice course, great overview!
Kurtis G. | Simi Valley, CA
Very good course! In-depth training and exercises really helped out! Thanks so much for this great course.
Steve O. | San Bruno, CA
In general, I found the course to be quite beneficial and well organized, and would recommend it to others.
James L. | Clyde, NY
I felt this course was beneficial and I enjoyed learning on-line because of the color and animations.
Michele K. | Surrey, BC
It was one of the best online programs I ever took. My college is now recommending this program to other students, too.
Vandana K. | Santa Clara, CA
Best online/home study course I have taken.
Joseph H. | O'Fallon, MO
Class exceeded my expectations for an online A&P.
Sean S. | Carmichael, CA
I am proud of myself and want to thank you for an easy to interpret course. The learning experience was great.
Abramelina C. | Laborie, Saint Lucia
I have many books on A&P and this course helped me to understand them fully.
Susan W. | Davis, IL
It was a lot of fun taking this course and I recommend it. Having a limited time to cover the course also helped to achieve a better correlation between the different areas (topics) and it enhanced my understanding of the whole program.
Fidelis K. | Mount Prospect, IL
I liked how the tests consisted of questions that outlined the major areas of study and that there was a study guide available. It was nice to be able to see all of my test scores in one location.
Crystal M. | Franklin, WI
I found this to be a very thorough and engaging course. For me, it was essential to have the Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology text. The online knowledge checks were very helpful, as were the summaries at the end of the chapters in the text.
David K. | Iowa City, IA
I was surprised at how comprehensive the program was.
Solomon A. | San Jose, CA
I enjoyed the course. It was simple to follow and very informative.
Eric H. | Orange, CA
Great course. Very conducive to a professional that has a career, kids, etc. I appreciated the opportunity to work at my own pace.
Jim W. | Cedar Rapids, IA
Great learning tool for an online course.
Zachary H. | Santa Maria, CA
I really appreciated the study guide and textbook!
Galen F. | Arvada, CO
I thought the course was set up very well and would definitely recommend it to other friends who may need to take it.
Mary Ann P. | Laguna Niguel, CA
I really enjoyed the class. It was fast and efficient. It was also a little more challenging than I had anticipated, which was refreshing.
Zachary F. | Atlanta, GA
Corexcel was great about helping out on any questions I had. This course was a refresher, but it had a lot of things I had forgotten from my last A&P in college nine years ago. Thank you.
Jeff P. | Menifee, CA
It was an interesting course and I liked the textbook! I learned a lot from the class!!
Marguerite K. | Metairie, LA
Overall, this course helped me meet my prerequisite for a higher educational need. I appreciate this online course as a way to fulfill this requirement.
Wendy W. | Cheshire, MA
The self-paced course made it easier to successfully complete the course with a busy work and family schedule.
Melissa W. | Hasting, MN
Thanks again for an awesome course. It was a life saver when one at the local community college was full, and I did it on my own time and pace.
Javier T. | Moreno Valley, CA
The course was very detailed and interactive!
Huey M. | Avondale, LA
The course was very hard, but with the exercises and the workbook, it really drilled the info into my head and I did very well on the tests.
Jenny M. | Appleton, WI
The course was well set up - the study guide was a big help in my studies.
Renee B. | Stephens City, VA
This course helped me learn and understand so much about the human body! Thank you!
Alex W. | Kingman, AZ
This course was put together well for an online course. This was my first online course. I would strongly consider taking another course from this company in the future.
Lorna F. | Woodbury, MN
This is my first experience with online courses and I have to say it was a joyous experience! The site was very well put together and very user friendly. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get in a medical field. Keep up the good work!
Ralph M. | Newhall, CA
This self-paced course was ideal for me as I work full time and teach part time.
Patricia S. | Trinidad & Tobago
This was a great class and I learned a lot.
Brittany R. | Henderson, NV
Thought this was a great course. It made it so much easier as I was unable to take a college course due to my work schedule as a firefighter. This course was awesome because it allowed me to take the tests at my own pace and on my schedule.
Tyler C. | Orangevale, CA
Very clear. Easy to understand.
Virginia C. | Bolingbrook, IL
Your staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and has been great to work with.
Jacob R. | Lincoln, CA

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