How’s Your Agility?

metronome defines agility as “the power of moving quickly and easily” and “the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly.” These are valuable traits to have in an ever-changing workplace. And really, in a world where COVID-19 is dictating new work and school arrangements seemingly every week, being agile can help us get through all aspects of the day-to-day grind.

The reality is that we all have a natural inclination for how we handle new situations as well as conflict that arises. Do you easily adapt to new situations, not just in the workplace, but in society? Your level of agility can affect your relationships with colleagues, family members, and friends. At work, having an agile approach to new projects enables you to successfully manage and execute the tasks at hand. It’s important to note that your agility skills don’t just reflect how you respond to stressful situations—they reflects how you respond to positive developments, too!

If you’re unhappy with your ability to handle various situations, or you’re not sure just how agile you are, you’re not alone. You can’t get out a yardstick and measure agility, after all. The solution is Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™. This DiSC®-based assessment:

  • Provides awareness of, and insight on, your natural tendencies.
  • Offers tips for moving beyond your familiar patterns, so you learn how to adapt to whatever situation you’re facing—even when it’s difficult.
  • Recommends steps for adapting to others’ emotions and effectively interacting with those whose agility is quite different than your own.

Say you’re assigned a new project, and you say, “OK, let’s get this done!” Your co-worker, on the other hand, says, “Let’s do a little bit day by day.” The more agile you both are in this setting, the stronger your relationship will be, despite your differing styles.

You can use Agile EQ for one-on-one counseling or as part of a larger training. Either way, create an action plan, and improve agility in the workplace!

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