Managing Complaints
Leadership Training for Handling Complaints

Leadership Training for Handling Complaints

Managers and team leaders are the first to hear employee problems or complaints. Managing Complaints is a leadership training program for handling complaints. Teach your leaders to resolve conflict and correct work habits with these management education training materials.

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Managing Complaints
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Managing Complaints Training Details

Managing Complaints provides your managers with the leadership skills to handling complaints and supporting employees. Team leaders will learn why dealing with complaints is important and how to resolve conflict. This program will teach specific listening techniques and problem solving skills.

Delivery Options

  • 4-hour classroom program
  • 1-hour online course
  • 6-18 participants recommended

Course Objectives

  • Learn leadership skills for dealing with employees and handling complaints.
  • Develop sensitivity to employee complaints.
  • Use various techniques for resolving conflict and maintain a positive relationship with team members.

Managing Complaints Benefits

  • Open communication between team leader and team member.
  • Remove conflict by solving problems before they become unmanageable.
  • Reduce work stress by improving office relations.

Managing Complaints Participant Workbook

Participant workbooks are intended to reinforce learning as part of a facilitated training session. Access to videos and interactive exercises are not included in the workbook.

Managing Complaints Participant Workbook
  • Cognitive Exercises
  • Forms for Workshop Activities
  • Skill Practice Aids
  • Job Aids Section

Managing Complaints Facilitator Guide

Managing Complaints Facilitator Kit
  • 4-hour workshop designed for 6-18 participants
  • Complete instructions on how to facilitate the workshop
  • Explanatory text for the trainer
  • Sample trainer narrative
  • Video scenarios in office and industrial settings that display positive skills discussed in the program
  • Transcripts of video segments
  • Annotation notes
  • PowerPoint Presentation and handouts
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Memory Jogger Card