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Want to find out how to get the best price on DiSC® Profiles? Our volume pricing starts at only 4 profiles. Interested in presenting your own DiSC training session? We've also packaged DiSC Classic facilitator kits and profiles together to provide you with even greater savings.

DiSC Profile Online 2.0 #W-800-DiSC

Online DiSC Profile 2.0
1 - 16$81.00 each
17 - 33$76.50 each
34 - 49$72.75 each
50 - 66$70.50 each
67 - 99$68.25 each
100 - 133$66.75 each
134+$65.25 each

DiSC access codes are emailed instantly to the address provided during checkout. Quantity discounts are calculated automatically when profiles are added to the cart.

Use the drop down box to choose whether profile participants should be able to view their results. If you choose to hide results we will email your profile report(s) within two hours of completion. Reports are sent during normal business hours 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST, M - F to the email address provided during checkout.

Purchasing 16+ profiles entitles you to receive a free online EPIC account valued at $243.00.

DiSC Profile Paper Booklets #C-888

DiSC Profile Test Paper Booklet

Trainer Starter Packages - Teach DiSC Yourself - Certification Not Required

Save $100 on the DiSC Classic Facilitator's Kit by adding it to your profile order. Simply use the drop down box below to choose the kit along with the profile package you wish to order.

Please Note: The USB flash drive is designed for use with Microsoft Office 2010 and newer. It will also work with Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 and newer (Mac users will need Windows Media Components for QuickTime to play videos). If you are upgrading to Windows 10, the USB materials will be compatible with the new Office 365.

To order a DiSC trainer's package with more than 100 profiles please call 1-888-658-6641 in the U.S., 1-302-477-9730 outside of the U.S., or use our contact form for additional information on DiSC Profiles.

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