DiSC® Training Tools & Enhancers DiSC Card Game and Reading & Interaction Guides

Enhance your DiSC® training sessions with any of the products listed below.

QuikDiSC® Card Game

QuikDiSC Card Game

QuikDiSC® is an entertaining card game that introduces learners to DiSC and increases DiSC training effectiveness. QuikDiSC cards are divided into four color-coded groups of 32 cards each. Each group has four sets of eight words that describe D, i, S, or C behavioral dimensions. Instructions and ideas for small and large group games are included.


Everything DiSC Management Interaction Guides: #A-221-02

DiSC Management Interaction Guides

Everything DiSC Management Interaction Guides are great takeaways for training managers. These job aids feature the Everything DiSC Management Map and suggestions for tailoring meetings to fit an employee's behavioral style. Use them to prepare for meetings or as a reminder in your office space.


Everything DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Guides: #A-131-02

DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Guides

The Sales Customer Interaction Guides are used to support your DiSC selling and sales training sessions. These are job aids that feature the Everything DiSC Sales Map and tips for selling to each of the behavioral styles. Use these to map out a client's buying style before your sales meeting.


Everything DiSC Workplace Interaction Guides: #A-321-02

DiSC Workplace Interaction Guides

Everything DiSC Workplace Interaction Guides are used to support your DiSC training sessions. These job aids feature the Everything DiSC Map and tips for adapting behavioral styles for better communication with coworkers. Hang them in your workspace to generate positive office interactions.


Everything DiSC Workplace Style Guides: #A-321-03

DiSC Sales Customer Style Guides

These Workplace Style Guides are great ice breakers for a training session or use them as handy interaction tool in your office. Mark your style on the Everything DiSC circle and indicate communication styles that are effective for you.


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