Everything DiSC® Certification Trainer Certification Program for Everything DiSC Facilitator Kits & DiSC Training Programs

The Everything DiSC® Trainer Certification is a two-day training session in Minneapolis, MN. This certification program provides participants with an in-depth understanding of DiSC, Everything DiSC and the applications included in the facilitation kits. Learn about Everything DiSC Workplace®Everything DiSC ManagementEverything DiSC Sales and Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®. The certification programs will ensure that you are grounded in the latest cutting edge DiSC research. In addition, the Everything DiSC Certifications will provide an overview of the entire range of Everything DiSC profiles and reports including:

Everything DiSC Facilitator Kit
  • Work of Leaders Profile
  • Workplace Profile
  • Management Profile
  • Sales Profile
  • Comparison Report
  • Facilitator Report
  • Group Culture Report

You get hands-on experience with all of the Everything DiSC Profiles. You'll learn how to interpret the Everything DiSC circular model and you'll learn how to customize the materials in your Facilitation Kits. Participants leave our DiSC Certification programs with the ability to customize training sessions to meet a variety of organizational situations. Become one of the elite Everything DiSC trainers by registering for certification today.

Everything DiSC Certification Dates

  • August 1-2, 2017
  • September 12-13, 2017

Certification Location

Minneapolis Marriott City Center
30 South 7th Street
St. Croix 2 Room
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: 612-349-4000

Make hotel reservations by calling: 1-800-321-2211. Certification participants are responsible for their own hotel reservations and travel expenses.

Registration Details

  • Registration Fee: $2,995 (includes choice of facilitator kit)*
  • Timeframe: 2 days
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN

* If you already own the Everything DiSC Application Library Facilitation System the certification is only $1800.

To register select the appropriate certification date below. Important: Every participant must have one of the Everything DiSC Application Library Facilitation System Kits.

Everything DiSC Certification Registration Form

Choose Certification Dates

Select Facilitator Kit

* An Everything DiSC Facilitator Kit is required for each certification attendee.

An Everything DiSC Facilitation System is required for each person who attends the certification training session. The following products are included in the Everything DiSC Certification fee:

  • Work of Leaders Profile
  • Workplace Profile
  • Management Profile
  • Sales Profile
  • Comparison Report
  • Facilitator Report
  • Group Culture Report

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've already purchased an Everything DiSC Facilitation System?

The DiSC Certification sessions are available without purchasing an Everything DiSC Application Facilitation System. However, you must bring your kit to the certification class. Each participant must have their own Everything DiSC Application Library Facilitation System in order to participate and become certified.

How do I register for the Everything DiSC Trainer Certification?

You can register using the drop down box above or calling Corexcel at 1-888-658-6641 in the U.S. or 1-302-477-9730 outside of the U.S. between 9:00 am and 5:30 p.m. EST.

Do you offer a web-based or virtual Everything DiSC certification option?

We do offer an online Everything DiSC Certification program. For more information and dates, please visit our Everything DiSC Certification Online page.

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