Resolving Conflicts
Conflict Resolution Trainer Materials

Resolving Conflicts helps managers and team leaders develop the skills necessary to identify the source of team member conflicts. This workshop teaches your supervisors how to explore a conflict or work problem, resolve it, and change the behavior.

Resolving Conflicts
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Resolving Conflicts
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Resolving Conflicts Training Details

Resolving Conflicts provides the tools needed to recognize conflict and deal with it quickly and effectively. By understanding the signs of conflict and by getting to the root cause, managers can eliminate the issue and minimize the impact. Using effective communication and management skills, managers can help individuals understand another point of view, increasing the effectiveness of your employees. Conflict resolution topics include:

  • Sources of team member conflict
  • Effective ways to resolve conflict
  • Mismanaged agreement appearing to be conflict
  • Positive and negative aspects of conflict

Delivery Options

  • 4-hour classroom program
  • 1-hour online course
  • 6-18 participants recommended

Course Objectives

  • Distinguish between two major sources of team conflict: personality clashes and work structure problems.
  • Identify positive and negative impacts of conflict.
  • Establish a cooperative atmosphere for resolving conflicts when they arise.

Resolving Conflicts Benefits

  • Help individuals involved in conflict understand each other's point of view.
  • Lead team members to agreement on facts and solutions to conflict.

Resolving Conflicts Participant Workbook

Resolving Conflicts Participant Workbook
  • Cognitive Exercises
  • Forms for Workshop Activities
  • Skill Practice Aids
  • Video Synopsis
  • Job Aids Section

Resolving Conflicts Facilitator Guide

Resolving Conflicts Facilitator Kit
  • 4-hour workshop designed for 6-18 participants
  • Complete instructions on how to facilitate the workshop
  • Explanatory text for the trainer
  • Sample trainer narrative
  • DVD containing scenarios in office and industrial settings that display positive skills discussed in the program
  • Transcripts of video segments
  • Annotation notes
  • CD with PowerPoint Presentation and handouts
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Memory Jogger Card