Proofreading Course for Professional Communications

Proofamatics is a training course that will increase your accuracy of written communication through improved proofreading skills. This course teaches employees which types of errors are most commonly made in written communications and provides a system for finding them.

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Proofamatics Training Details

Proofamatics provides several types of exercises from which participants learn a variety of crucial skills. Topics include a grammar and spelling review, consistency in capitalization and style, and a proofreading system that enables your staff to search for specific types of errors. Participants also perform exercises designed to strengthen eye muscles, reduce eye fatigue, and relax stressed muscles.

Delivery Options

  • 10-hour classroom program
  • Up to 20 participants recommended

Course Objectives

  • Proofread using specific techniques.
  • Increase accuracy in daily communications.
  • Increase speed of proofreading process.

Proofamatics Benefits

  • Increase span of recognition for numbers and phrases.
  • Develop concentration and visual memory.

Proofamatics Participant Workbook

Proofamatics Participant Workbook
  • Cognitive Exercises
  • Workshop Activities
  • Pre- and Post-tests

Proofamatics Facilitator Guide

Proofamatics Facilitator Kit
  • 10-hour workshop designed for up to 20 participants
  • Complete instructions on how to facilitate the workshop
  • Explanatory text for the trainer
  • Sample trainer narrative
  • Transcripts of visual segments
  • Video and audio component for proofreading practice