Providing Performance Feedback
Online Performance Review Course

Providing Performance Feedback Online Course Screenshot

By maintaining your team member's self-esteem and providing them with frequent feedback, you will see improved team member performance. Providing Performance Feedback is an online course that gives you the tools to improve employee self-confidence and raise their personal standards of excellence and achievement. Most people take about 60 minutes to complete this course.

Course Cost

  • $2450 for 50 online course seats

Course Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Assess What You Know
  • Providing Performance Feedback Practice
  • Enhancing Your Feedback Skills
  • Conclusion

Course Objectives

  • Assess performance based on facts and behavior.
  • Use positive performance feedback to encourage self-motivation of team members.
  • Gain team member commitment to changes needed to improve performance.

Related Materials

This online course is a module designed for individuals, but it can also be used as pre-work or post-work for the instructor-led version of Providing Performance Feedback. If you are interested in staff training, please visit our Providing Performance Feedback training materials page.