Customer-Oriented Selling
Online Course for Customer-Focused Selling

Customer-Focused Selling Online Course Screenshot

Customer-Oriented Selling is an online course designed to help your sales and customer service skills. You will learn how to use communication skills to build solutions with your customers. COS will give you the tools for sales success by understanding customer objectives, recommending the right products, and gaining commitments. Most people will take approximately 60 minutes to complete the course.

Course Cost

  • $49

Course Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Call Planning
  • Opening the Call
  • Determining Customer Objectives
  • Presenting Recommendations
  • Removing Sales Obstacles
  • Gaining Commitment

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate how to plan and conduct sales calls.
  • Increase sales by focusing on the customer's situation and objectives.
  • Identify the processes of customer decision-making and sales actions.
  • Improve communication skills for building customer relationships.

Related Materials

This online course is a module designed for individuals, but it can also be used as pre-work or post-work for the instructor-led version of Customer-Oriented Selling. If you are interested in staff training, please visit our Customer-Oriented Selling training materials page.