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Communicating Up

Communicating Up focuses on the upward communication important to productivity and performance in the workplace. Supervisors and team leaders will learn how to frame communication with their managers so that a desired result is achieved. Use these training materials to help your staff improve communication skills and have more productive meetings.

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Communicating Up
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Communicating Up Training Details

An important part of communication is mutual agreement on what needs to be done, why it's important, and when it will be accomplished. That fundamental agreement is what Communicating Up helps managers to achieve. The ability of first-line managers to effectively communicate up the line affects team-member retention, overall productivity and even profitability. With its focus on preparation and clear commitments, this communication program can teach even experienced managers build a more effective process for communicating and collaborating within the organizational hierarchy. This program helps managers learn the process required for informative and productive dialogs that will be valued by more senior managers.

Delivery Options

  • 4-hour classroom program
  • 1-hour online course
  • 6-18 participants recommended

Course Objectives

  • Understand importance of framing communication with your manager in terms of his or her interest.
  • Learn to link your objectives to your manager's plans and goals.
  • Learn to recognize any questions or reservations that are unspoken in meetings.

Communicating Up Benefits

  • Move conversations toward agreement by focusing on projected outcomes.
  • Ensure that decisions reached in meetings are mutually understood.

Communicating Up Participant Workbook

Participant workbooks are intended to reinforce learning as part of a facilitated training session. Access to videos and interactive exercises are not included in the workbook.

Communicating Up Participant Workbook
  • Cognitive Exercises
  • Forms for Workshop Activities
  • Skill Practice Aids
  • Job Aids Section

Communicating Up Facilitator Guide

Communicating Up Facilitator Kit
  • 4-hour workshop designed for 6-18 participants
  • Complete instructions on how to facilitate the workshop
  • Explanatory text for the trainer
  • Sample trainer narrative
  • Video scenarios in office and industrial settings that display positive skills discussed in the program
  • Transcripts of video segments
  • Annotation notes
  • PowerPoint Presentation and handouts
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Memory Jogger Card