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Medical Terminology for Health Professions
Online Course Evaluation

Please only complete this evaluation after you have completed the course. Your feedback is very important to us and most valuable when the entire course has been completed.

Thank you taking the time to complete this evaluation. There are 3 sections with a total of 15 questions that will take you approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

We appreciate your honest assessment of your experience.

Section I: Tell Us About Yourself

1. Why did you enroll in Corexcel's Medical Terminology course?


2. What part of the healthcare industry do you work, or hope to work, in?


3. Within each industry, there are many jobs that use medical terminology. Tell us how you expect to use this course.


4. What other healthcare-related courses have you taken or plan to take in the future?

Section 2: What did you think of the course?

5. What features did you find helpful in learning medical terminology online? Please check all that apply.


6. If you had a technical problem, how satisfied were you with how it was resolved?


7. Overall, how do you rate Corexcel's customer service?


8. Would you recommend this program to other colleagues? (required)


9. We would appreciate any comments you may have!

Section 3: How much did you learn?

Please rate how well you achieved each of the learning objectives for medical terminology.

5 = Far exceeded my expectations
4 = Above my expectations
3 = Met my expectations
2 = Below my expectations
1 = Well below expectations
  5 4 3 2 1


Define the role of word roots, suffixes and prefixes in medical terms. (required)



Recognize and define medical terms used to describe anatomic position, planes, direction and body cavities. (required)



Recognize and define medical terms associated with the major body systems. (required)



Recognize and define medical terms associated with diagnostic procedures and pharmacology. (required)



Analyze unfamiliar terms using the knowledge of word roots, suffixes and prefixes gained in the course. (required)



What other courses would you like to see offered?