DiSC® Personal Development Profile® also Commonly Called DiSC Phrase Version

DiSC Personal Development Profile - DiSC Phrase Version: #C-391

DiSC Personal Development Profile Phrase Version

The DiSC® Personal Development Profile® is a shorter, less detailed DiSC instrument than the DiSC Profile Classic version. You can use this profile with a broader range of learners because phrases are used on the response page rather than single words. This DiSC Personal Development Profile is written on a sixth-grade reading level making it easier to read and understand for more people.

The DiSC Personal Development Profile is helpful for applying DiSC concepts in shorter training sessions.

The Phrase Version of the DiSC Profile:

  • Condenses of the Classical Patterns included in the DiSC Profile
  • Allows users to apply the DiSC concepts in shorter sessions
  • Removes barriers to DiSC learning
  • Helps people gain self-understanding and increased behavioral awareness
  • Improves performance and strengthens relationships

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