What Do Senior Centers Offer?

Senior centers can be public or private, large or small, with many services or with just a few. Even those in small towns often provide:

What Do Home Care Corporations Offer?

Home care corporations offer a wide variety of services. Like senior centers, they may be public or private. Many services are the same in all home care corporations because they are federally funded, while others may be special initiatives of an agency supported by state and local or private funds. Services may include:

Other Services for Elders

A variety of services for elders and their caregivers have been created over the past several years. Among those that might be useful for your patients are:


Although genetics plays an obvious role in longevity, the length and quality of life in later years can be influenced by lifestyle choices and healthy habits. Healthcare providers can support and encourage those behaviors that improve physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Providing resources; facilitating mobility, physical activity, good nutrition, social interaction and relationships; managing chronic illness; and encouraging mental stimulation can improve daily lives and add years to life expectancy.

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